Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hipster Profile: C. C. Sheffield

I guess this is turning into some kind of hipster stalking blog... oh well, it is what it is. Watcha gonna do? I've seen this girl's face on Cobrasnake forever, but I never knew what her name was until a few days ago. And once again it was by chance that I found out. I was searching for pictures of Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT because I'm kind of momentarily addicted to him, and I got to pictures that this CC girl took of him when they "hung out." Well this is the CC Sheffield I'm talking about anyway:

Apparently her full name is Cydney Celeste Sheffield and she is the singer in a band called Le Rev. She used to date Shane West... (who would want to date that douchebag?) She has an exquisite beauty about her and she's certainly aware of that. Probably her signature feature is the mole above her upper lip. And also her droopy, stoned/come-hither eyes. As I said, she is a Cobrasnake regular:

Oh look, here she is with none other than Cory Kennedy (they're good friends, according to her Myspace). OMG I'm so good at stalking, I know.

Just to make this extra creepy and stalkerish... icing on top!... here is her blog, Sass a Frass.

The thing is, I don't really feel bad about posting all this. Why? Because it's quite obvious that she is trying to be famous- she's in a band, she hangs out with celebrities... all I'm really doing by writing about her is technically helping her out and giving the attention she wants! Plus all of this information is easily attainable- a google of her name and, tada! So, now that I have justified myself (to myself), on with the profile.

Here is a music video by her band, for a song called "Escape Me":

And here is an interview she did for Nylon TV with then-boyfriend Shane West.

Now, what makes her relevant at the moment is this picture right here from CC's own Flickr account:

Mhmm, that's right. That is CC Sheffield and Andrew VanWyngarden looking all lovey-dovey into each others' eyes.

She took this picture of him:

He took this picture of her:

Um, yeah. They have totes fucked.

So basically Ms. CC Sheffield over here is turning out to be the new Andrew VanWygarden groupie. Or girlfriend? Nah, doubtful. If you don't remember, Cory was deemed groupie #1. (As for as we know, duh. This boy has the power to get into anyone's pants these days).

Now I'm not calling her a ho or anything but...

Now now. Jealousy is an ugly thing! I'm sure she's a sweetheart, blah blah blah. And I'm sure her mouth isn't open in the seductive way in every picture on purpose. She must have a closing-her-mouth problem, which I also have. And I am no whore. let me tell you. I could use some extra whoriness actually. Sort of related, this girl in my school has total whoreface with the droopy eyes and half-open mouth and all, and I give her the benefit of the doubt thinking it's probably not on purpose. I dunno. We'll keep our eyes on this CC over here.

To well up a bit more bitterness, I'll leave you with a picture of Andrew and some real dirty groupies, who are also models (double hate!). Which CC apparently took because it's on her Flickr account in this album. Aww, now why would she do that?

Well at least I can say that I would be rooting for C.C. over those ho's. Damn straight.


Anonymous said...

calling people groupies and hos is really what your going to spend your time doing? putting that out is not positive. find a new hobby teeny bopper internet stalker.

Anonymous said...

c.c.'s band le rev and her solo music is produced by jeff salzman... the same man who produced and also the same studio, your beloved brandon flower's band the killers did hot more research

Anonymous said...

eekk her acting is terrible. She needs to stick to modeling.

Dani said...

Anonymous #1- this blog is not very serious. hint, hint.

Anonymous #2- I don't see how that is relevant... I didn't insult her band or anything... jeez you guys (or are you the same person?) need to chill a little.

Anonymous #3- hmm, I didn't know she acts. I guess I DO need more research ;)

Anonymous said...

just friends. who share each others attire...

bill s. preston esquire said...

yeah why dont you mention her oscar worthy performance in boys and girls guide to getting down. she does show her ass a little in the movie, which she could have said no to. but she didn't. total slut. and anyone that hangs out exclusively with cobrasnake is totally lame. your negativity doesnt bother me at all!

Anonymous said...

ur awsome and i totally agree with everything you said.

Wayfarer said...

ahh why am I just finding this blog now? I thought your post was hilarious and I like the way you think. Clearly the anon people are jealous... after all, I'm sure they googled the same stuff as we all did to get to here ;) Now excuse me while I spend some more time creeping your blog. There's lots of reading to be done.

Dani said...

hey thanks :]. Hopefully you're not disappointed by the rest hahaha

Anonymous said...

I am totally scared right are EXACTLY like me!!! I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! shes fricken annoying and she needs to back off andrew cuz HE IS MINE.
huh. i wish.
but ANYWAYS! this blog is pretty darn groovy!
and MGMT is the best thing that ever happened to me! and meh darling andrew!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a jealous B***h to me. I know CC and she is a fabulous person, she has a boyfriend now and has had one for quite some time. All you jealous c***s need to worry about your own pathetic lives and stop shit talking about a good kind person.

Dani said...

You know, I wrote this post three years ago, and I totally agree that it is teeming with jealousy. I never even denied it. It's right there in print. I have no idea what the poor girl is like in person, but she is drop dead gorgeous and at all the cool parties and frolicking with Andrew V, so my bitter jealous ass put some poison out to compensate.

I will say this, though- I think CC might actually want to thank me some day! Before you call me crazy, let me explain. Back when I wrote this post there was absolutely nothing online about her other than the things she put out on her own (blogs, videos, photos) and Cobrasnake photos. I was the first person to actually write something ABOUT her, treating her like a celebrity when she was basically a nobody by Hollywood standards. This post was one of the top hits for over a year when you searched CC Sheffield. The first two comments on this blog, I'm 95% sure, were written by a friend of hers or even agent, who knows, because they searched her name at a time when almost no one was doing that. Lots of Andrew V googlers have found this blog post and reposted it around, make her quite notorious among MGMT fans. I'm sure people who considered hiring CC for something might have found this post when they googled her and thought, damn, she must be a pretty big deal if jealous anon bloggers are stalking/hating on her! And now I keep seeing news about her everywhere, this blog post gets more hits than ever, she's all over magazines and blogs, she was in Sophia Coppola's Somewhere, she collab'd with Tiesto. All press is good press, and I started it yo. Just sayin'.

And to be honest, I don't hate on her anymore because I feel like I contributed to someone becoming famous :'). So I hope for only the best for her and I want to see a shout out to my blog in forty years when she releases her autobiography titled "CC Sheffield: How I became the First Female President of America."

Dani said...

....although I will admit, she probably hates that I put that "I'm horny call me" photo out there- that would most definitely be lost somewhere in cyberspace/hella old Cobrasnake archives but I *brought it out to light.* Better now than if it pops out of nowhere when she become real famous, though, no? And it's real trendy for girls to be unashamedly slutty these days anyway. I'm not saying that in a mean way, I'm all for that. Srsly. So yeah, sorry but not really that sorry for publicizing that photo (which is now one of her top hits in Google images lol). At least that's probably no longer her phone number?

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