Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes Photos: Spring/Summer 2011 London Fashion Week, Pt. 3

This final part of my Behind-the-scenes London FW photo trilogy includes photos I took after the Topshop fashion show, right outside the old warehouse building. Lots of fashionable people were walking about and it was really fun to photograph them. I also took lots of pictures of the Sartorialist and Facehunter taking photos of two girls. Sartorialist took so many photos of his girl for so long. That was interesting because there were so many different people there- I was impressed that he just dove in on one that caught his eye and spent all of the time on taking the perfect shot of her, with many different backgrounds. I always assumed he took sort of spur-of-the-moment photos, but if this was any indication he sepnds a lot of time on them and directs his subjects into all kinds of different poses and places. So when they look like they just happen to be walking about or gazing in some direction, don't be fooled too much because Sartorialist put them in that position. Still, it shows what an art it is for him and explains why all of his photos are so beautiful and interesting.

Behind the Scenes Photos: Spring/Summer 2011 London Fashion Week, Pt. 2

Part 2 of my London Fashion Week photo collection is from a different point of view entirely- this time as an "insider." I was lucky enough to get a ticket for a show sponsored by Topshop, featuring up-and-coming designers. It was at an old warehouse in the financial district, and at first I didn't know what to expect- but it turned out I scored a seat at a damn hip event. Everyone there was even more ahead-of-the-curve fashion-wise than those around the Somerset House tent, and I spotted none other than the Sartorialist there! I had watched a video about him a few days before so I recognized him immediately, but otherwise I probably would have never noticed him. I later sort of camera-stalked him post-show and took pics of him taking pics of a stylish girl, which you will see in part 3 of this photo collection. But for now, the fashion show itself (which included not one but three great young designers):

Monday, January 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes Photos: Spring/Summer 2011 London Fashion Week, Pt 1

I studied abroad in London last year and went to King's College, literally next door to the beautiful Somerset House- where London Fashion Week takes place twice a year. I geeked out when it was going on and stood there like a fangirl taking pictures of anything that moved. I also learned some interesting lessons, the biggest of which was: Most street style photographers/bloggers mostly take pictures of each other, and also just kind of hang around kinda sorta pathetically waiting to pounce on anyone stylish... These pictures are from outside the tent, near the entrance of Somerset House, and then a tiny peak from behind the tent from a café window. I later ate in that area really behind the scenes with all the fashion people milling around, but I didn't want to give myself away as an outsider spy so I just sat and watched with my camera safely hidden away...