Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chaos Over Kate Moss at LAX Airport

Every time I watch these sorts of videos I just gape in horror. So fucking disgusting. How can the paparazzi stick so many camera's in the little girl's face like that? Do they have absolutely no compassion left? And Kate looks understandably stressed as all hell. Bring on the Britney Law man- a.k.a making it illegal for paparazzi to stand anywhere inside a 20 yard radius of the celeb. Maybe not that much, but, I mean- at least 20 feet.

Anyway, here's the video:

What's most pathetic is that the people who video tape and post these probably think that the public watches it to see the star, but really the only reason I ever watch these videos is to see how crazy the paparazzi really is. And it gets worse and worse all the time. I can care less about watching a celebrity walk- pictures are more than enough, thank you very much. So the camera guy might as well point his camera at the paparazzi.

InfoMania + the Hills = Good Times

Yes, I admit, I watch the Hills. In fact, I have watched it since the very first episode premiered. That's right, before it suddenly became the sort-of-cool-guilty-pleasure of today. And then before that, I watched Laguna Beach. So why do I watch these allegedly dreadful and mind-numbing shows? Because I love them, that's why. I don't know why I am so intrigued by the Hills- I wish I knew. But it goes back to my fascination with reality shows where the people aren't too obvious in that they are scripted. Lauren's facial expressions, I am sorry, are real- or at least they look real. That's all that really matters anyway, right? I love watching people and it's like the best opportunity to do so without looking like a stalker creep. I used to hate Lauren on Laguna Beach but now I love her- don't get me wrong, she can be a total dumb bitch a lot of the time, but still deep down she's a decent human being. And Heidi... holy crap that girl needs some serious help. She is just fun to watch for the entertainment factor. It's like watching a real train wreck right there before my eyes, it's lovely in an evil way. People complain about the awkward silences but I looove them - and I can't really explain why. They were a staple of Laguna Beach as well. Other good things? Lo and Whitney, the universally loved people on the show. Getting to see how uptight and bitchy the fashion business is. At least they don't pretend it's any different. And then the gorgeous cinematography. Now, I know nothing about the technicalities, but the show is pleasant for my eyes so that's all I count on.

Here's the awesome Conor Knighton of InfoMania on Current TV, commenting on the new Hills episode. I love this guy.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

College Update #3

The good news:

I got into UC Berkeley and Oberlin

The bad news:

I got wait listed at Vassar and Skidmore.

The Skidmore wait listing was a major "WTF?" moment because that was one of my safeties, but it makes sense if they assumed I wasn't going to go.

The Vassar wait listing is a major downer for me. I think the moment I opened the envelope I realized just how much I really wanted to go there. I visited, and everything about the school was just so perfect. Now all there is left is Wesleyan and Yale and I'm pretty much sure I'll get rejected from both (I better get rejected somewhere because so far I've only gotten wait listed and it's driving me crazy!)

So while my whole family was ecstatic about Berkeley, I was kind of depressed today from Vassar. I don't think I can get off the wait list either because the letter said they have accepted as many as 50 and as little as zero people from the wait lists in the past years, which does not sound promising at all.

I can't even get myself to appreciate getting into Berkeley, which is absolutely rediculous. I guess because a lot of kids at my school got in. Ugh, I'm pathetic. I think the major reason I'm not too excited about it is that it's like the exact opposite of the ideal school I have been looking for this past year. It's a huge school, huge non-personal classes, California, heat, non-liberal arts, ugly campus... it does have the reputation and name recognition but frankly I don't care much for that. Maybe I should but I've gone past that already. But, like my brother said- it's hard to say no to frickin' Berkeley.

I don't know what to think. I hope I can visit some colleges and then decide. I'll try to write Vassar a letter saying they're my top choice. I'll have to keep my grades up, even though it's second semester senior year, when I'm supposed to relax and not care about anything for once. I guess that's not happening.

90's Kid

Oh my God, I need the orange Nickelodeon sweater that Chris Brown is wearing here:

... or at least one without that big black splat in the middle, but basically one like this. The picture is from the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (don't even ask why I'm looking at the pictures... they were on ONTD, ok!) and I just realized I needed a Nickelodeon sweater, and then I searched all over the internet- ebay, Nickelodeon store, etc.- and I've got nothing. It's like it doesn't exist. All I see is Spongebob sweaters, which was also a mighty fine show but, c'mon, all the clothes for that have been overkill and it's time to bury them for a while. Maybe I'll make my own Nick sweater (...ignoring the fact I've never screen printed before) or I'll got to the Nickelodeon store next time I go to Universal Studios. We'll see. But I'm definitely getting me one of those one way or another- I must wear my childhood loud and proud.

What would be even better is if I found an "Aah Real Monsters" sweater

or a "Rugrats" one.

Or even "As Told by Ginger"...

or "Doug"...

or "Hey Arnold!" (not exactly the intro haha)

so many good cartoons back then. Now all they have is, um, Hannah Montana. Although I've never watched that show and I never bother to watch any kids channels these days so I guess I'm not one to talk then...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awesome Concert Video #2: Pulp at Glastonbury '95

A.C.V #1 was of the Killers at T in the Park, and now I bring to you the second installment. Pulp is a band fronted by Jarvis Cocker, who has been solo for quite a few years now. This video shows Pulp performing "Common People" off of the album Different Class. This performance is really entertaining and not in small part because of the crazy crowd singing along to every word. The song is also adorable and I love how Jarvis acts everything out and affects his voice to make it sound conversational. So watch this much-lauded performance at the height of Pulp's career:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Who Doesn't Love This Scene?

Batshit crazy people, that's who. Here's the sing-along scene in "Almost Famous" to Elton John's "Tiny Dancer."

This just put me in a good mood :]

Vampire Moviez

Twilight is being adapted into a film. Yes, the crappy teen lit book that is embarrassingly addicting. I will admit that I ate up the first book, BUT I did not continue with the series. I just felt like I saw all there was to see. Time to move on, etc. I read on ONTD the perfect description of the book: it's just like fan fiction. And it SO IS. But, fan fiction is oddly enrapturing so it makes all the more sense. I will say that I hated the "action" parts and I hated that Bella was "clumsy" (who the fuck is that clumsy? NO ONE. How about you think of a more realistic, possibly more interesting characteristic to define a protagonist?). But anyways, I am a sucker for romance and alluring, mysterious guy lovers and there was all of that in the book. This is really sad but I fucking loved how Edward both adored Bella and wanted to suck all the blood out of her body, at the same time. How romantic! No really, it was hot. I know you're all like "whatever weirdo" but it was. All I'll say is that I wanted a vampire boyfriend the whole time I was reading the book.

So the filming has started and the beautiful Robert Pattinson has been brilliantly cast as the beautiful Edward the vampire. ONTD'ers are all taking the piss out of him with icons with his picture that say stuff like "Do I ~dazzle~ you, Bella??" and sparkly stars all around. This will make absolutely no sense to anyone who has not read the book, by the way.

Can I say something for a second? It is really depressing me that the first book I write about on my blog is Twilight. I swear I read better books! The last three books I read were 1984, Middlesex, and The Picture of Dorian Gray, okay? And they weren't for school either. I'm not a retard! [/disclaimer]

Phew, now that that's out of the way...

Here's Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory in HP4, anyone?) as Edward:

He is wearing WAY too much makeup in this one. What's up with that? he's naturally beautiful! This just makes him look like a geisha, and I wish that was a hyperbole.

Here he is with the clumsy protagonist herself Bella, a.k.a Kristen Stewart.

Now this Kristen Stewart girl- I know her. She went to my middle school, only in 6th grade. I knew her when she looked like this. I know this was like a million years ago and I have no right to judge her without having ever actually spoken to her.... but I will anyway. Because I barely remember anyone that I never talked to in middle school (I tried to block out most of those horrid years from my brain anyway) but for some reason she left an impression on me. She was in my P.E. class and her locker was on the other side of the aisle sort of near mine, and she always acted like she had a stick up her ass. I was 12 years old and this was my observation, what can I say. She was sulky and mean-looking and she wasn't just shy either, because she hung out with "the" popular girls, who were these three bitchy blond girls. Oh middle school drama! Then she left to go film "Catch That Kid" (bahaha) and, well, I never saw her again. But I kept seeing her sulky face pop up everywhere in movies. She gets to make out with Adam Brody, and now Robert Patts... wtf, man? Do I sound jealous? Naww! No, but I'm not making the bitchy stuff up. She really was a bitch who thought she was all that and a bag of potato chips. Just sayin'. And then she was in the adaptation of Speak, aka my preteen-years favorite book ever. And now she's here. Man why do the bitches always win? I don't remember hating her in Speak though, so maybe she has gotten better. Highly doubtful though!!!

[More photos from the set HERE]

College Envelopes Update

I went to the mailbox today after swim, with three huge bags, two text books, and our new swim sweats all hanging off of me- I don't know how I managed but somehow I was able to check the mail with all of that. I shuffled through the envelopes with a little nervous energy and then saw the thin Kenyon envelope. I think my heart dropped a little but just a little- after all, it wasn't exactly my first choice. Of course, I immediately thought, "well, I didn't really want to go there. It was too preppy and too in-the-middle-of-nowhere and too writer-y." See how I prepared myself for rejection? I have negatives for each school in the back of my mind at all times. Always comes in handy! But I still had a smidge of a thought that maybe it was one of those evil thin envelopes that say like- you got accepted and you'll get the big package later or something. That would be very cruel - I actually think I made that up in my head, I highly doubt colleges actually do that haha. But anyway, it wasn't a rejection letter- it was a letter to inform me that I was placed on the frickin' wait list. So, so far I haven't had any rejections, but two wait list notifications. Eh, to me it's like a rejection, but more polite. Is getting wait-listed common? Maybe it is this year. Or maybe schools just think that I fit really well on their waiting lists. Ha. But honestly, so far the two schools that I did not get into were ones that I wasn't too sure about, at all. I didn't think I would go to them but I applied because they were different and would give me more variety. But they definitely weren't schools I was passionate about. So maybe it's true what they say about college admissions- schools accept the students that would fit the school and that they believe their school would fit the student. But ANWYAYS...

So yeah, that brought me down a bit from the high of getting into UCLA. Not necessarily because I wanted to go to Kenyon that bad, but more because now I see that I should brace myself for the coming envelopes. Ay ay ay... We'll see. We'll see.

On the brighter side, UCSB sent me a letter saying I got accepted to the ultra exclusive (those aren't the words they used but, you know, that's what they were implying) honors program. Yay, at least one school wants me! They want me bad, too. Muahaha.

Elyse Sewell is My New Idol

She was on the first season of America's Next Top Model and now she is a really successful model in Asia of all places- mostly Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Why the sudden worship? She is just so feisty and hilarious and impressively articulate... I can only read her comments with envy. I'm seriously dumbfounded as to how anyone can be so clever and all-around awesome. In case you're wondering, I found her livejournal a couple months ago when there was this whole controversy over how Elyse got in a very physical fight with her boyfriend (Marty, the keyboardist for the Shins) where police had to intervene. Anyway there was this whole commotion over it on the internet and her blog was posted everywhere and that's how I found it. But on to the good stuff.

To get to know her, first one must watch this video of the "Ten Top things Elyse Said on Top Model":

And now the real reason I love her- she has a livejournal that she updates nearly every day with pictures of really yummy and exotic looking food in Asia (all I'm wondering is how she can eat that much and stay so scarily skinny). But anyways, here's just one tidbit from her last post, about a new Russian model roommate that replaced her old Russian model roommate (she's currently working in Korea):

Kvetchka has returned to deepest Siberia, leaving behind only the bag of millet that she would make for breakfast, hot, with milk and sugar. She was replaced immediately with Becky. She's from Tashkent, but in reply to my thrilling conversational gambit, "So you are Uzbek?" she shrieked, possibly offended, "No! I am Russian and Tartar!" Hm, OK. I haven't a clue about which races of Mother Russia don't want to be mistaken for which. Incidentally, Kvetchka's final treachery was to break this posted rule, leaving me with a tolet stool full of soil into which I DROPPED MY STICK DEODORANT. This is no small matter; a tube of Secret is a treasure to hoard here on the continent of the rolling-ball kind.

I highly recommend visiting her livejournal, if not to witness her kooky humor first hand then at least to see the pretty pictures of the pretty (and not-so-pretty) foods:

Elyse Sewell's Livejournal

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Like Douche World...

Here's the new trailer for the Real World: Hollywood-

Why must MTV insist on only casting douche bags on the Real World? This show has so much potential and they kill it every single time... it's quite frustrating, really. Okay, have one brainless, steroid-abusing guy in the house. Fine. But why do all of the guys have to be that way? One is seriously not enough? What about the geek, or the artistic sensitive guy, or the funny guy? At least those clich├ęs are less irritating, and (for me at least) much more interesting.

MTV- You lose at life. Get yourself together already. It's tragic to watch your slow and painful demise.


Holy shit. WTF WTF WTF. I just got into freaking UCLA. Now my decision is going to get like five million times more difficult. Wow. But still can't let this get to my head, it is a huge UC after all (student population-wise)... some very important letters are still coming up...

I'm just really baffled right now. I've gone through this whole college application process virtually alone, save some rip-off college counselor that I met with twice and who barely helped at all, and I messed up endless times, and I'm still in? It almost gives me hope, like maybe they saw me for me- maybe they actually do want real students. Ah, who knows. I'm really honored right now, and also numb. It hasn't hit me at all.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Awesome Concert Video # 1 : the Killers (duh) at T in the Park

This will be a recurring post, where I will post some awesome and random performances. This first one is by, who else, the Killers. Because it's pretty much mandatory to have them at the first spot. God knows I've watched more of their concerts than ones by any other bands, put together, and multiplied by 20. I wish I was lying people!

This was at the T in the Park festival in Scotland, towards the end of the Sam's Town concert. The band has said that this was their best performance and audience ever, so far. And it's obvious why. This clip took place at the very end, in their second encore (which clearly the audience did not expect). Usually the band used to leave after All The Things That I've Done, but towards the end of the Sam's Town tour they started returning for another encore with "Exitlude" and a reprise of "When You Were Young"- you know, to leave the people with a bang (WYWY always gets the crowd insanely psyched. More so than Mr. Brightside, if I may say so myself). This is a bit crappy quality because the original was small, but you get the gist:

Free Rice

Everyone should go on this website (by the UN World Food Program) at least a couple times and play the game:

Not only does it donate 20 grains of rice to impoverished areas around the world with every single right answer- you also get to improve your vocabulary! So get those answers right people!

Isn't it nice when you can do good while sitting on your butt and staring at a screen? Ah, yes. Nah, I'm just kidding, this truly is an awesome cause.

Apparently their traffic doubled the day Perez Hilton mentioned the website on his blog. Man, that dude has got some power.

College Admissions... Let the Madness Begin

So the college acceptance/rejection letters are coming in...

So far:

Lewis & Clark: accepted! (but, to be fair, 'twas my safety)
Washington University in St. Louis: waitlisted :/

UCSB: accepted! (but I already knew that because of ELC, this CA HS program)
Macalester: accepted! :D

So far, pretty much so good. I was really worried about Macalester. Now I feel a bit more confident... ah we'll see. I'm also a little sad, if that makes any sense at all. I thought I might not get in anywhere except UC's and L&C (Oregon), and then I would stay sort of near my family. But now it sort of/maybe/depends-on-what-comes-next, looks like I might not stay in the area. Who knows. Minnesota is pretty far, and cold. I'm still excited though. I don't want to get overconfident yet, though- it's too early to jynx myself.

So what's left: UCSD, UCLA, UCB, Kenyon, Oberlin, Vassar, Skidmore, Wesleyan, Yale.

I think most of them will come smack dab on April 1st. Happy April Fools Day indeed.

Monday, March 17, 2008

BigDog to the Rescue!

Wow. This robot thing, BigDog, is crazy. Apparently it was created to help soldiers carry heavy loads. Just watch:

I think this Youtube comment sums it up quite perfectly:

I think the reason I find it disturbing is that it looks like two skinny men in tights dancing around in a box. If I saw that thing at night, chasing me, I'd run like hell.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Advice to Internet Commenters of the World

Hello. I am here to help you, fellow commenters. You know those times when you read something on a comment-enabled website and just get the urge to spill all of your important opinions for all to read? Well, before you do that, or at least before you click the fateful "post" button, stay with me here- don't fall into the traps of so many before you. And just so I'm clear- this is for debate-oriented comment threads. Controversial ones that bring out the crazies.

Before I go on, I must mention- this comes from infinite experience in comment-reading. Yes, I am a whore for comment reading. I just love reading people's comments. Youtube, digg, random websites, whatevah. Just give me some o' that ignorance, that's all I need. Um, no, actually I do not like the ignorance. And that is precisely why I am here to help you all, every one of you poor lost souls.

The #1 basic rule is: use correct spelling. This is a crucial step towards being taken seriously. If you suck at spelling, just get Firefox. It automatically checks errors. So you won't have type-o as an excuse anymore! Although, really, that should always be your excuse if you are attacked by those vicious spelling monsters.

Now to the content of the comment. First of all - and this is only applies to those of you who do not want to be attention-starved trolls. If you want to be taken seriously, then don't come off as too passionate or closed-minded. Always keep your head. If you're a Hillary supporter, who are you going to give the time of day when they want to share their mind about their favorite '08 candidate, Obama?- Someone saying:


or someone saying

"I have no problem with Hillary, but lately I have been leaning towards Obama. I've watched a lot of his interviews and I really agree with his views on communicating with foreign leaders and uniting the US by being more bipartisan."

Okay, maybe the second one is a bit dull. you can change that. But what I'm trying to bring across is that a Hillary fan reading the first comment will stop after the first sentence and go on. Or he/she will understandably get pissed off and give you a piece of their mind. Which, if that's what you're looking for, then go ahead- have a blast. I'll just shake my head from the sidelines. But, reading the second line, they will be more likely to have a civilized reaction.

The do's are: Don't be over the top angry or worshiping, don't be overly closed-minded, if you know something will be taken the wrong way then try to clarify it in your comment beforehand, and specific details and opinions are always better than generalities.

And finally, a MAJOR, stupid, dumb dumb dumb big fat don't that prompted me to create this post in the first place:

Say you've written a perfect comment so far- it is calm, collected, inspiring, intelligent-whatever. The reader is just about to hail you and (oh yay!) give you the thumbs up. But, and I've seen this sooo many times it makes me want to cry- the very last sentence, or maybe the couple last, just goes totally off the rail by stating a very closed-minded, stupid comment that turns off half of the original supporters. You don't understand how many times this happens. In fact, sometimes it is not a totally ignorant comment- it is just a side comment that ruins everything.

Two examples:

The Hillary/Obama debate is full of examples. I have often seen criticisms of one of the candidates that almost convince me a little- until I see "Obama '08!" or "Hillary '08" at the end, depending on who was the candidate that they were not bashing. This ruins everyting. The argument falls to the ground, and all of the fair points made before are completely lost. Don't fall into this trap.

Now here is a specific example, from a recent HuffPo article on a Hasidic man who had to drop from a movie with Natalie Portman because the rabbis were giving him hell for going Hollywood:

When are people going to wake up and abandon ALL ancient mythologies? This is another example of the misogynistic lunacy that is part and parcel of the Abrhamic cults of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Ever since the myth of Eve causing the downfall of man, women have been relegated as property of men. What I suggest to Abe Karpen is to grow up, and look at the reality of the universe, and see that ancient superstitions are in place only as a controlling force. I do find it disturbing though that he has already had three children by 25. What is his wife's age? Is all that she is is a baby factory?

It started out so promising. And then, when they got to slamming the poor actor, even though his children were threatened to be kicked out from their school if he did not leave. Then it just gets really closed-minded. Who is this person to criticize the guy for his beliefs, which hurt no one, or for how many kids he has. It's part of the religion, stop being a dick. You can disapprove, and say "I don't understand why he would let the rabbis make his decisions"- that is also a bit closed minded, but much better. Not inflammatory, like the actual comment. I mean, really, go after the guy for doing things of which you have absolutely no idea what their origin and therefore have no right to scoff at in such a way? Exactly.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Do As the French Do- the Tecktonik

A popular dance style/ lifestyle in France right now is called the Tecktonik. According to Wikipedia, it's a mix of hip hop and techno. It's pretty alluring. They dress just like many of the kids in my school in that pseudo-hipster style, but the crazy arm movements around the head? Fierce.

Here's a bunch of different clips meshed together. Crappier quality but still, damn:

They all look like a bunch of spazzes. I love it. Why can't we have a cool dance in LA, or even in the US in general? All we have is bumping and grinding. Bo-ring!