Saturday, June 28, 2008

When the Workin' Day is Done...


The Killers covered Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" this week at the Las Vegas nightclub Pure. So far there is only a 30 second clip available. It's awesome, of course (not that I'm biased or anything), but I'm crossing fingers for a full video.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun:

They also performed the Thin White Duke remix of Mr. Brightside... which makes more sense than it might sound because he (real name: Stewart Price) is producing their next album (which will possibly be released late 2008!).

Mr. Brightside:

(try to ignore tone deaf person singing in background)

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's the Jeannie Tate Show!

HOTDAMN this show is hilarious. I don't usually like these "online shows," but this is more like a sketch thing. An SNL writer named Liz Cackowski has a fake talk show on Youtube, where she plays a soccer mom that drives around in a minivan and interviews along the way. It might not sound promising but trust me, it's really good. I especially like the, er, dysfunctional relationship between Jeannie and her stepdaughter.

Here is the first one I saw, which has her interviewing Bill Hader from SNL (I love him):

Some other good ones:

Jeannie at a special Oprah taping in Madison Square Garden

Jeannie "helping" her stepdaughter film a video for her class at a Hillary Clinton rally

With guest Rashida Jones of the Office

In Italy. LOL.

The rest here

Source: trusty ol' BuzzFeed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Idiocracy" Turning Out to Be True...

...and at alarming speed! Idiocracy is a movie by Mike Judge that barely anyone knows about, because it was dumped by FOX in very few theaters with virtually no promotion. It's a shame because the movie is absolutely hilarious and, just, classic. Go see it- rent it, find it online, whatever- if you haven't already. You can watch the whole movie here whenever you have time. Highly recommended! The situation is just like Judge's earlier movie, Office Space. That was a box office flop as well and now it's one of the greatest cult classics.

Idiocracy is a prediction of the future. However, instead of flying cars and space suits, people according to Mike Judge's brain become very very stupid- they're all just a bunch of fat slobs, basically. The movie's premise is that the smart people reproduce slowly and thoughtfully while the dumb ones breed huge, dumb families. Over time, the dumb dumbs monopolize the population and voila- a future of idiots. Which, if you think about it, is a credible scenario, however crude. Everything is controlled by a select few corporations. Water is replaced by a Gatorade-like drink called "Brawndo"- it waters the plants (obviously unsuccessfully) and comes out of all the drinking fountains. Fuddruckers hamburgers has turned into Buttfuckers hamburgers, and Costco is the location of a law school. It's all a bit scary.

Well, I was watching TV yesterday, and came across this commercial for a new ABC TV show, "Wipeout". Watch:

This show is disturbingly reminiscent of a show in Idiocracy's demented future, cleverly called "Ow My Balls." The name says it all- it's a guy who constantly gets hit in the balls. And that will supposedly the most popular show on television. Now I know Jackass was a lot like that already, but there are some important differences:

1. It was on MTV, on cable. It was not in a prime time spot on ABC on Tuesdays.
2. Jackass was more of a show about disturbing other people in public and generally, well, acting like jackasses. It was rebellious from the get-go, it wasn't meant to entertain the masses. However, this "Wipeout" show appears to feature normal people and simply has them go through obstacle courses to get hurt. There's no rebellion, no clever tricks, not even any variety. And the commercial actually tries to highlight the fact that this is all about watching people get hurt!

Just so you know what I'm babbling on about, here is "Ow My Balls" from Idiocracy:

(if you have no patience, skip to 0:20)

[oh, and just so you're not totally confused- Luke Wilson plays a very average guy that was preserved from the past (our present) for an army experiment, but it didn't work out and they forgot about him and now he finds himself in the "future" after a trash avalanche. Apparently, in the future, the trash is piled high. In this scene his preservation box lands in a random guy's (played by Dax Shepherd) house. And the guy happens to be watching "Ow My Balls." Oh, notice the advertisements around the screen- remind you of the internet by any chance? Ah yes.]

ANYWAY. Watch:

See what I'm saying? Oh, my...

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love You InfoMania

Here is the latest installment (June 19th) of the most consistently awesome show on television right now: InfoMania on Current TV. It's a recap of stuff that happened during the week- online, on TV, in the world, in magazines, etc- kind of like Best Week Ever but about 500% better. And I do like BWE. Just watch:

It always makes me laugh. And the main host, Conor Knighton! Gaah I love him. Does he know how amazing he is? I bet he doesn't. And everyone else on the show is so spot on as well. I hope this show never becomes crappy, although that's a lot to ask for since pretty much all shows deteriorate at some point.

The Viral Video Film School guy is my second favorite and he looks like Jim Halpert in the Office. Which, speaking of- I just watched the whole last season today (yeah, I'm behind)- and what people said was wrong, it didn't become worse! I loved it.

WTF Cavalli?!

JUST, NO. No man in his right mind should ever dress like this. Not even a gay safari guide.

These abominations are from Roberto Cavalli men's spring 2009 line. If you want to murder your eyes a bit more, see the rest here.

He should just stick to the nice flowy dresses (FOR GIRLS.)

Crotchless Illusions

Alexander McQueen has created some *scandalous* tights and leotard-type-things for his Resort 2009 collection. Maybe they are an "F you" to hipsters who wear these things (have you ever noticed the word "tard" is in leotard? There is a reason for that. Unless we're talking about ballet of course. They have no choice). Or maybe he's joining in on the hype, albeit quite late. Anyway, behold:

The rest of the collection can be seen here.

And here are pictures of the new Alexander McQueen store in L.A., via Kanye West's picture-ful blog.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Graduation Time

Yup, I'm graduating from high school tonight. In about 4 hours, I will be walking down the football field, with my burgundy cap and gown, to the sounds of that universal graduation music. Dunno what it's called... But basically high school is over. Today was the last time I had to wake up early and drive to school. The last time I woke up my mom and took the food in the lunch bag that she makes (made) every day. The last time I thought I was late every single day (actually that might still happen in college...). The last time I go to school from my own house :(. Oh man... it really didn't hit me this morning when we were doing graduation rehearsals. Probably because the sun was SO FUCKING HOT holy crap we were all going to get heat strokes... or as my friend said yesterday at the beach, "The sun is so hard right now." And then my other friend sort of ruined the brilliance of that statement by saying "That's what she said." But we laughed anyway. We're a bit mentally challenged. But now it's all definitely starting to hit me. I mean, I'm not a high schooler anymore. I might not even be a teenager anymore. I don't know what the fuck I am! I always get sad when I get older and this is no different. I feel like every time like this, every year that passes by, is another push towards the evil fiery pit that is the real world. And I don't think I'll ever be ready for that. I'm just used to being young... I'm not used to actually being accountable for things and responsible! Oh wait, I actually sort of am... but not really. I don't know. This is so weird. And I need to treasure this moment because it's really the end of an era. 1st grade to 12th grade... that was always a sort of timeline in my mind... and now it's just over.

But enough of this freaking out. I will miss so many people in my high school and my class a lot. I'm probably going to cry a lot tonight, oh my. Okay, yeah, plenty of time for that later. Now is my relaxing in-between time, which so far I have been using up by just perusing the internets... because my dad is watching The Wire on DVD and my mom, well God knows what she's doing... and I don't feel like reading. So yeah.

Here's something that I found of interest in case you also have nothing to do:

Michelle Obama on the View. I think I love her! This is a real woman right here, no frills and such about it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Now compare that to this video of Cindy McCain on Good Morning America, which I got off of Wonkette. I really tried to like her because I hate when people say evil things about these women all the time... but I can see where they're coming from. She is a bit odd, cold, and well I don't know. I just don't like her very much. She seems like one of those women that think the woman's place is in the kitchen... inferior to the husband. Michelle, on the other hand... you can tell she is strong.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ed Hardy Sucks

Die Ed Hardy, die!!

This is proof that humans are just like monkeys. These are possibly the ugliest fucking shirts on the planet, with that random crap all over them. And yet, everyone is wearing them now. Why? Well, as far as I can fathom, there's the answer right there. Because everyone is wearing them. It doesn't matter that they look like a graphic design machine exploded on the shirt. The point is that lots of people wear them, which means they are cool, which means everyone else should wear them. But they have to realize that a lot of people are idiots, and therefore they should not follow their example. Ed Hardy was ugly before it started becoming the most random trend evaaar, it is ugly now, and it always will be ugly. That is all. Can someone please do humanity, and my eyes, a favor and burn all Ed Hardy stuff please? Thank you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, This is Just Rich...

Keith Olbermann Backlash Fueled By Declaration Of Katie Couric As "Worst Person In The World"

And HuffPo has this poll up:

Is the backlash against Keith Olbermann warranted?

Fuck yes it is! Ugh, that man pisses me off so bad. And I'm not a Republican, I'm a Democrat all the way (obvs). So no bias here. He's just so uppity and snooty and nasally-voiced and UGH. Go away Olbermann. Do you know who is the "worst person in the world"? YOU.

Oh fine, no you're not. You're not even close. Probably 70% of the reason I hate you is your damn snobby stuffy-nosed voice. And also that you're always like "waah, everyone is evil. Hillary is EVIL because some woman that supports her said some BS about Obama; Hillary had nothing to do with it, but still this is why she's an EVIL satanic bitch." Yeah, um, no. Just, maybe, be a little self-deprecating from time to time and all will be fine. Only criticizing others ain't a good idea. I know, I like Brandon Flowers a.k.a major ego #1, but it's not the same. He says a lot of stuff and he doesn't really mean it. And then sometimes he does mean it, but then it's true. Or funny. Ugh, I don't know, there's no point in explaining. BFlow I do like as a human being, Olbermann no. End of. It's like an intuitive thing.

He went to Cornell University when he was only 16 so that might be part of the problem here.

BUT, ever since I heard that he beat Bill O'Reilly's #1 news network ratings for the first time ever last week (why the fuck do so many people watch that crazy bastard?!)... and even if it's Keith Olbermann, I mean... that's BILL O'REILLY we're talking about. So good for him, in that sense. As long as his voice stays out of my ears, all is good.

Oh, and he will never be on the level of Jon Stewart. Never ever EVER. So give it up, Olbermann groupies!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Awesome Concert Video #3: Muse at Wembley Stadium

This pretty much speaks for itself. Muse performing "Knights of Cydonia" at the sold out Wembley Stadium in England. Insane.

How awesome are UK crowds? I would have to threaten to shoot Americans to get them into this sort of a frenzy. Actually then they would just run away. But back on topic, I love how they even sing along to the musical parts- like the "DUN, DUN, DUN... DUN, DUN, DUN...", complete with fist pumps.

Here's the audience perspective, which is arguably even more awesome:

Clearly Muse deserve every single "Best Live Act" award they've received...

Pound It

Aww, this is so cute. Michelle Obama congratulates Barack on finally officially clinching the nomination in a way that beats just any lame feminine kiss- pounding it!

If that isn't a true "we did it" then I don't know what is. I don't know why this is so endearing to me, but it just is. I love that Michelle isn't the typical prissy half-brain-dead presidential nominee wife. She's got some balls yo.

Can Obama be president now? Please?