Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, Nostalgia

When I lived in Israel during my elementary school years, I used to watch this video on MTV (the cool channel!), utterly mesmerized. Here it is, Janet Jackson with "Together Again":

I remember being very impressed by those cheesy dance numbers, haha.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Obama Backlash

I think I feel it coming... can you feel it in the air? Everyone is slobbering at his feet too much, it's going too smoothly. I read a comment on Wonkette about how people need to check the site out to see when the backlash starts, and suddenly a light bulb turned on in my head. Of course, how did I not see this coming... I've personally witnessed many backlashes by now, I mean Stereogum has one like every week.

Can it even happen? Or is he really a messiah and no one can resist his beauty?

I think, as long as Obama isn't a "sure thing" shoe-in for the nomination, he won't have a back lash. And as long as people keep hating Hillary so much, he is probably safe. Only if all these anti-Clinton crazies miraculously stop calling her a devil and they realize that they've been fawning over Obama for no solid reason... only then they might come to realize how ridiculous they act sometimes.

We had a mock election at my school on Monday, and at first I had a really hard time deciding. I felt pressure to vote for Obama because my closer friends would probably make fun of me for voting for Hillary. I decided to vote for him just to see how I feel after and then base my real vote (six days!) partly on that...

So my "feeling?" Basically i felt half like a lame trend follower, and half like I was betraying my gender. Ignoring the second part, really what is all this "Obamamania" but one big fat trend? That's all it is. It's so empty. he keeps saying "I will be the one to unite us, I am not typical Washington" but where is the proof? To put this in the cheesiest way possible, he surely can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? That's the question.

I've had a passionate hatred of trends for years now. I think it may have officially started with uggs. they are so UGLY, and yet everyone wore them (and still do!). Now obviously it's unfair to compare Obama with that because he seems like an awesome guy and he truly is inspirational. But I think underneath it all there is a common thread. Something about... just doing something without even thinking, you know? Like, why did all those people buy uggs when they are obviously the ugliest shoes in the history of shoes? Because they're warm, okay... but there's more to it, because uggs have been around forever and they could have bought them then if they needed their footsies to be warm that bad.

I'm going off on a tangent but the point is... I don't know what the deal with Obama is, whether he truly is the next Kennedy and this amazing, oh-my-fucking-god person to save the whole universe in one day.... or if he's just an empty promise, a whole lot of talk without substance. I mean, do people see him in debates? He crumbles under Hillary. he has nice jokes and he does seem real, but UGH I just need something more solid, something to really make me trust him and know that he can push this country back on track... He has great oratory skills but I don't see that fiery passion that I see in Clinton. he always looks like he already has this thing in the bag. And I can't help but question his motives... he doesn't appear to be desperate to change the ways of Washington- he says it a lot but I don't SEE it- and yet he's running so early on, without much experience. I just honestly want to know "why?" I need to know it. Does he believe he can single-handedly save America? I'm not being snarky, I really want to know. Did someone push him to run two years ago because they saw his potential- his youth, his eloquence- or was this really a gut feeling of "damnit this country needs a change and I'm the one to do it?"

All I'm saying is that I've been repelled by trends for a long time now. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and I immediately get suspicious if something smells fishy. And that's what is happening with Obama right now. I get repelled when everyone else fawns over him, they say "hope" and I say "how?" I just need substance and so far he hasn't given it to me. I don't know, I'm going crazy trying to decide...

But if I base my choice on how I felt after voting, I have to say I would go for Hillary. I would feel like I am actually thinking for myself instead of blindly going after this "hope" talk, you know...

It's like do I vote for what my brain says (and vote for Hillary) or vote for America and let it have the chill president it so desperately wants and vote for Obama? Take a chance. Even though it might amount to a whole bunch of nothing? I just want him to throw me a bone- say something about how he will change things, What exactly he will do and how. I want him to prove to me that he truly knows how to deal with the deep shit the US is in right now. If he can do that, hallelujah. If not... I guess Hillary has got my vote?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An ACTUAL HUMAN BEING on Huffington Post!

Wow, this guy is pretty much in the exact same dilemma as me... I never thought I'd see the day when an actual living, breathing human being wrote on one of these websites instead of some robotic freak repeating talking points and either saying that Hillary is Satan in a pantsuit or that Obama is a messiah and will save us all from, um... something. Read it and feel your hope in humanity rush back to you, if only for a short, sweet moment:

READ: Sherman Yellen: "Swinging on the Democratic Vine and Getting Dizzy"

The voice of an angel!

LOL, me? Overreacting? NEVAH!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I Fucking Love This Song

I mean it has the lyrics: "I said ooh girl/ shock me like an electric eel/ Baby girl turn me on with your electric feel." Awesome.

MGMT- "Electric Feel"

Their name is pronounced "Management" (uh, okay) and they're one of those new Brooklyn bands. But they're really damn good. They have an odd amount of soul injected into all their songs and I love it. They also went to Wesleyan, which I applied to ha. Oh, and did I mention? The singer (Andrew VanWyngarden) is mighty fine. Needless to say, I highly approve of the shirtless-ness.

Another sweet song and equally trippy video:

"Time to Pretend"

They're also going to be at Coachella this year... this is good since overall the line-up is pretty disappointing (Jack Johnson headlining?!?!?) and I was planning on going for the first time this year.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pink Hair Woes...

I've been wanting to highlight my hair with random light pink streaks, basically inspired by Rachel McAdam's old look:

My hair is a darker blonde but I think it can still work. I just feel like doing something different since I have never dyed my hair and I never do anything risqué goddamit... but there is a problem. you see, I have college interviews coming up. And I don't know if it will be all too impressive if I come with pink highlights. I think it would be impressive but who knows what these college types will think. Ugh, this sucks. I want to just dye my hair and be all "the heck with them!" but unfortunately I am not that cool. So I will be a lame-o and hold off. I am a pathetic teenager, lol...

Primary Poll Results- Screw the Media!!

The results of the First Ever Sponge-tastic Poll:

Question: What is wrong with the presidential campaign process today?

Answer options:

-The presidential hopefuls are so fake. Who the hell are they, really? 1 vote - 11%

-Iowa is this important? IOWA? 0 votes - o%

-Crazies like Huckabee can lead whole states. 2 votes - 22%

-Women and black people?! OH NOES! 1 vote - 11%

-The media. Period. 5 votes - 55%

So there you go- the people have spoken. Specifically, a whopping 9 people. And what did they say? That the media sucks balls. Followed closely by the fact that batshit insane people with names that come dangerously close to "Huckleberry" can win whole states. The fakeness of candidates and the bigotry of the world are disturbing on the same, somewhat minor level. Interesting. Oh, and apparently people don't resent Iowa. Yay for cornfields!

U2 and Brandon Flowers in Las Vegas

Seeing as the Las Vegas primaries took place today, this is only fitting... sort of. This was at a U2 concert in Las Vegas when Brandon Flowers of the Killers showed up on stage as a surprise guest to sing "In a Little While" with Bono. Some serious awesomeness ensued.

LOL at Brandon's outfit. His voice is amazing in this though.

I'm already sick of the 2008 election...

I really am. All of this bickering and general annoying-ness is making me tune everything out. I think Bill needs to back the hell off because he's annoying me a lot, and Obama and Hillary need to stop with the pointless, petty jabs at each other. I don't know if it's the media blowing every tiny word up or the candidates or their volunteers or who... but can it please stop? I mean they're making the Republicans look all relaxed and peaceful. The Republicans!

My dad came up with a really good idea today. Hillary and Obama should have a one-on-one televised conversation/debate: no television personality asking questions and making it all formal and boring and bringing out the good ol' talking points. No: I'm talking a face-to-face conversation which will leave them with no choice but to be genuine, because they can't get away with throwing empty talking points at each other! Maybe I should send this idea to the networks. Haha, as if they would listen. But still. I think it would be great.

So either that, or I get fully numbed and jaded by the pointless back-and-forth going on over issues I could not care less about such as whether Bill calling Obama's position on Iraq a "fairy tale" is racist (wtf?!) or who can bring "change" (that word has now lost nearly all of its meaning to me. Jesus Christ...).

So, to summarize:

-Bill Clinton, GTFO. This is your wife running for president, not you, and frankly you're ruining her campaign. I don't see Michelle Obama attacking Hillary.

-I want a televised, casual conversation between Hillary and Obama. About the real issues. No frills, no BS. Only then can we see who is truly the best candidate.

Some more points I must make:

- Edwards, GTFO now. You and your hair piss me off. Oh, and remember when you referred to Hillary as the "status quo?" Well I'm sorry dear but if anyone is the status quo in this election it is YOU. White, male, sweet Southern accent... yeah. So don't be talking.

-Huckabee: you need to GTFO too. But first shut your mouth. And after you get out, take a good hard look at yourself. And really think. Use your brain. I know this is hard, but just try to look past the bible belt. What do you see? Is it really in America's best interest that we ALL bring more Jeebus into the Constitution? Would we ALL want the confederate flag endorsed? Do we ALL think, "Oh damn, if Chuck Norris supports him then what the hell is there to doubt?!"

-Mitt Romney, you creep me out. There is something in your eyes that scares the crap out of me and I do not want you to be president. That is all.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cloverfield, Bitches

Well, I've got to pimp my dad... family obligations and all... so watch "Cloverfield", people! I saw it at the cast and crew screening on Saturday. It was fucking insane and blew my expectations away. Scary as HELL though, holy crap. Almost hits too close to home. I probably shouldn't say any more so J.J. Abrams doesn't hunt me down and murder me or something haha. The security on this movie was insane- I mean my dad wouldn't even reveal anything about the movie until I saw it. My own dad! But yeah, the hype was definitely for something. This is no Snakes on a Plane- and it's not quite the Blair Witch Project either. It's just something you've never experienced before in your life. Go see it.

Out Friday 1-18-08

Friday, January 11, 2008

Articles Shmarticles

#1: “I put a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger”

DJ AM (Nicole Richie's ex-boyfriend) wrote this for Glamour magazine. It describes his experiences of having an abusive father, getting hopelessly addicted to hard drugs, being obese for most of his life- all the while hating himself for all of this, so much so that he got to the point where he tried to commit suicide. Now he has lost weight, hasn't touched a drink/drug in years, and has the clear-mindedness and humility to reveal even the least proud moments of his life for all to see. And it doesn't look like he's doing it for publicity- It seems like he really thinks it's time to let go and maybe help someone else in trouble. I didn't know what to think of him before, at least he never seemed like the cocky celeb type, but now I highly respect him. Fascinating reading:

Read the article HERE.

#2: "Abroad, Fresh Image of U.S."

Many see Obama, Clinton successes as fitting the ideals of US democracy and diversity

Foreigner's views of the American primary race. Apparently they are starting to get into it as well. And the success of a female and black candidate are helping to restore America's image around the world (you know, the same one that has been tarnished by that silly president of ours! arrg.) Includes some unique views from such countries as China, Japan, England, Israel, Kenya, and more. One very interesting point brought up is this:

"[Barack Obama is] what the rest of the world dreams America can be," says JacquesMistral, a transatlantic specialist and director of economic studies at the French Institute for International Relations in Paris. "He looks like a Kennedy type, and that he's black is very new. In Europe, the idea that a woman can win is accepted. But for a black person to win would represent a radical change – for the US, and the world."

I never really thought about it that way... OH DAMN IT this decision is getting harder and harder by the day!

read the rest of the article HERE.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

... I Guess America (or at least New Hampshire) Agreed With Me?

I'm pretty damn happy right now, I've got to say. I thought there was no way Hillary Clinton could win the New Hampshire primary at this point. I guess I wasn't the only American disgusted by the way she was being treated by soulless chauvinists. I'm liking the idea of her winning more and more. So she won, "against all odds," when all the polls said Obama would win by double digits and all the media said she was out of the race, done. Well this was obviously a big FUCK YOU to all the polls and media and all the stupid pundits on TV who think they know everything. I mean the poll results right here on this blog speak for themselves- 57 % of the seven voters (OMGZ people actually come to this website??! haha.) said the biggest problem in the campaign process is "the media. Period." So yeah, that speaks for itself. Screw you, corrupt money-hungry media! Screw you! Well anyhow, this twist makes things a hell of a lot more interesting! Hillary, Obama, fight for it now! Show us who really wants it and deserves it!

It's not that I'm happy that Obama lost, I'm just happy that Hillary won. Good for her! Her speech was awesome, I don't care what anyone says. And I'm very happy she didn't mention "change" again haha. She's a great, inspirational woman and I would be honored to have her as president. Obama would be nice too, to have a cool president, but I just keep wondering why he's running so early... he can certainly spend some more time getting used to politics at the Senate and all, learning the game... why the rush? Eh.

So I'm in a good mood. Not only because I was proved wrong (my one commenter, Goldie, was right when she said it's not over 'til it's over), but also because I can bask in the glory of having those rude anti-Hillary, name-calling bigots weeping themselves to sleep tonight. Ahhhh yes, sweet sweet revenge. :)

"Bitch, Lesbian, Anti-Christ..."


Holy. Motherfucking. Fuck.

I am sorry but I am so disturbed right now. I feel sick. Why are all the chauvinistic pigs at Youtube and HuffPo and everywhere constantly calling Hillary Clinton a bitch and demeaning her? I mean just watch this video of hecklers yelling "iron my shirt" in the middle of her speech:

Is this where our country stands? We can't even at least be respectful to a female presidential candidate? You have to all pile together like brainless fools and resort to the easiest, lowest level by just dismissing her with that oh-so beautiful word, "bitch"... wow... applause America, I applaud you truly. You should be so fucking proud. I am sick to my stomach and I am now just about sure I'm going to vote for Hillary in the CA primary. She won't win, but I don't give a crap, she needs at least one more supporter right now. This situation is despicable and disgusting. America can't even handle a female president. It's too bad because she would be a wonderful president and deep down everyone knows it. And where the hell is Obama throughout all of this? There has been tons of attention paid to Hillary's "freak out," Hillary's "breakdown" (actually a really sincere talk from her that made me really sad), her losing blah blah blah... but where's Obama? Has he disappeared off the face of the Earth? And don't even get me started on Edwards... what an asshole, he commented on Hillary choked-up moment by saying she is clearly not fit/strong enough to be president. HA! HA! I knew this guy was a desperate, two-faced little sneak the whole time. Bleh. So to say, I wash my hands of this utterly disgusting DIRT.

SO for now at least, I say GO HILLARY, because she's not gonna win but damn it I need to prove a goddamn point.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hillary is Finally Attacking... and I Like it!

You go girl!

Damn, that's passion. This is how Hillary Clinton should have been from the beginning of the campaign. You can tell she is totally more in her element here than when she tries to act all sweet and fake. I'm impressed. She had some really good points. Damn it I keep switching from Obama to Hillary to Obama to Hillary...

Billy the Kid

This looks like a really good documentary. The love story is adorable:

Billy the Kid trailer

Political Quizzes are Dumb...

...but try one anyway! Here is the USA Today political quiz to see which candidates REALLY fit you (based on the issues- not, contrary to popular belief, on who has nicer hair. Edwards would totally win that though).

Take the QUIZ.

Oh man this is so sad, I got:

1. Mike Gravel (who?)
2. Dennis Kucinich (lol)
3. Chris Dodd (eww freaky eyebrows dude...)

Too bad they're all virtually out of the race, and old and boring too...

I think it's hilarious how Obama and Hillary have exactly the same platform. And they would both make history if they became president. So it really is just a popularity contest... Aww sorry Hillary, I guess Iowa proved that Obama the stud is cooler :(

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Panic at the Disco are Copying the Killers, and I Have Proof

When will people call them out on this already? It's rediculous.

Here are the Killers in early 2005, in the Mr. Brightside video that defined their style at that time. Clean, glam, with a lot of eyeliner:

Panic! at the Disco popped out of nowhere later in the year looking like this. Hmm, look familiar?:

Oh well alright, you'll say "lay off, that's just one time! It could have been a coincidence!" Very fair point, indeed. But- hold on! What is this? The Killers changed their style quite a bit with Sam's Town in mid-2006. Gone was the eyeliner, replaced by rugged facial hair, vests- western cowboy style, basically. No one, I repeat NO ONE looked like this at the time. You can check if you don't believe.

Well that's good, now there won't be any similarities with P!ATD anymore and all will be forgiven, right? WRONG! Those pesky kids came out late 2007 looking like this:


I think even the most avid Panic fan can admit that this is very strange. I won't say anything about my opinion of PATD's music, because well let's just not go there. But COME ON... can't they have their own goddamn style? Is it that hard to be a little original? Don't they realize how pathetic this makes them look? I don't understand. They probably have a million stylists at their disposal. Use them! Tell them to go a different direction! The Killers don't even have a stylist and they look way better, AND original. PATD: get your own style, and maybe then I will have some respect for you.

Celine is "Fucking Amazing"

I'm over the Huckabee thing. I realized that if he runs, the Democrats have a huge chance of winning. So I shall calm my heart!

This is geniosity right here. Proof that Celine Dion is amazing:

Oh wow. I'm speechless. From the genius of the guy over at fourfour.

Oh Shiz... Mike Huckabee wins... WHY?!

CNN is saying that Mike Huckabee will win the Iowa primary.

He is worse than Bush in my eyes. Because he's not even stupid in a funny way.

Does this mean America is going to Hell?

If this dude is president I will die, no joke. I can't handle that kind of crap. Another religion-obsessed crazy? I'm not a Republican but I don't want there to be any chance this guy wins.

Look at that crazy look in his eyes!




Some really funny ones (that my geniosity did not create) HERE.

Guess who!


Hillary Clinton should advertise this picture everywhere... oh boy. Epic winnage, as some would say.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Current TV = Awesome

I've been watching Current TV a lot lately, and it is pretty much amazing. It gives me hope for television and for the media in general. As in, there are still people out there with hearts. And brains of their own! Sometimes it can get cheesy, a bit too artsy but usually it is just straight up intelligent and compelling content.

From, where else, Wikipedia:

Current TV is an Emmy award winning independent media company led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, and businessman Joel Hyatt.

Current features "pods", or short programs, of which 30% are created by viewers and users. Users (called VC2 Producers) contribute three-to-seven-minute "pods", which are usually documentary in nature. The content is filtered by registered users on Current's website through a voting process.

Google provides hourly updates on popular web searches branded as Google Current.
The Google thing is pretty cool. I mean today I found out that the top-searched term with the word purple in it is "The Color Purple" followed by "Purple Haze" and then "Purple Rain." Where else can you find that sort of life-changing information?!

I also watched segments with guys who were taken hostage by Palestinians in the most heated part of the Lebanon-Israel war, a girl travelling through a city in Africa with almost 20 million people who live in slums, young people in Iran partying "underground" because it's illegal... the list goes on and on.

It made me feel intelligent. Haha. For once in my life my television is actually treating me like a thoughtful person!

So yeah, Al Gore is a genius. Why is he not president again? Can anyone ask that enough times? I really need an answer. It's just not fair.

Here's a video from a recurring segment called Info Mania:

Oh yeah, and the essays worked out in the end. Sent them into Yale, Vassar, and Wesleyan already. Six more to go... Advice from experience, do NOT wait until the last second to submit. Not good!!