Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tom Cruise has an OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

I was moderating my lj community, because I'm a fancy mod of a fancy two-member comm, and an advertisement caught my eye on the right side of the screen. It is very minimalist:

Of course it is. Tom Cruise always stays classy.

Of course I proceeded to click on the advertisement. I mean I NEVER click them, on principle, but exceptions must be made at times like these.

Now, the OFFICIAL TOM CRUISE WEBSITE. All I have to say is... what in the name of Tom Cruise's pyjamas is this fuckery? I know he is insane, but goddamn.

Here, a screen-capped tour:

When you first enter the site, you are confronted by a 10-hour montage of ***grand Tom Cruise moments in cinema***, including this scene from the lauded masterpiece Vanilla Sky:

The accompanying dramatic music is a very nice touch.

Next, an amazing "Message from Tom" that nearly made me weep, especially because there was a dream-like ADDITIONAL montage playing in the background and it's hard to read with that kind of distraction!!:

In his message, Tom graciously reveals that he has created this website to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Risky Business, his "first starring role in a film." Got that? STARRING. He continues to say:

I created this site as a thank you, to you, for sharing the journey with me and to invite you to continue to explore what the future will bring.

Wow. More highlights.... all of Tom's STARRING role films:

A fancy photo gallery:

The "What's New" section advertises Valkyrie (and a link to buy tickets of course) and his appearance on Oprah. Also, a badass picture of Tom showing off his muscles (YOU CAN'T FOOL ME TOM I KNOW UR PUSHING THEM UP W/ YOUR HANDS):

Keep it classy, Tom. Keep it classy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Killers to headline Coachella 2009?

The official Coachella board is going nuts with 2009 lineup speculation at the moment.


EDIT 1/18: Okay more information from the official Coachella board- it's looking more likely that they will be there, but on Saturday since that is the only open day in their tour schedule:

04.16.2009 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre
Las Vegas
The Joint

04.19.2009 San Jose, CA Event Center at San Jose
04.22.2009 Seattle, WA WaMu Theater at Qwest Field Events Center

Indio is apparently only 4 hours from Las Vegas so this is very likely. However, this puts the question of whether the Killers will headline under even more scrutiny- will the Killers really headline a Saturday? The day Prince and Radiohead have headlined before? But then to that I would say Coldplay also headlined the same day, at a time when they had the same amount of albums as the Killers right now, so this is not impossible in the least. Some on the board are predicting that the Killers will be listed as intial headliners and then later on a bigger surprise headliner will be announced and added above them. This happened last year when Portishead were originally named Saturday headliners and later Prince was announced and placed above them.

One more thing- I'm sick of people on that board saying that the Killers will not attract an audience or sell tickets. I'm not going to create a username and argue, but all I have to say is-

1. Their Madison Square Garden show sold out almost immediately. Both two years ago and a couple months ago. Even in their $$-costing fanclub presale! Literally one minute and gone for the latter.
2. and most important- the Killers have had no dates in Southern California throughout any of the three legs of the US tour that have been announced so far- there were a few in San Francisco, one now in San Jose, but NOTHING in any part of Southern California! And they have a huge following in L.A. (I should know. Quickly sold out Staples Center), not to mention the rest of the region. These people haven't seen them in two years and are dying to, so you can damn straight bet that they will haul ass to Indio just to see them headline. Alright? Alright.


One of the most buzzed about bands for potential headliner is, oh, what would you know- The Killers! Some boardies are saying they have had unofficial confirmations... and the writer of Consequence of Sound is claiming he got a confirmation from a source that requested to stay anonymous. All together it sounds pretty legit. I mean just look at the album art for Day & Age above- as my meticulous editing shows, it is practically a foreshadowing of a Coachella set.

Granted, just about everyone on that board (except the awesome person who started this thread) is bitching about the possibility of the Killers headlining. I bet none of them has ever seen them live. But after reading all of their nasty comments, I almost don't want the Killers to headline... I don't want them to be the laughing stock of music blogs and hipsters all over the US in the coming months. Really, no. There has been enough of that already. They don't deserve to experience the exhilaration of a Killers concert.

... Obviously I do personally think the Killers should headline and can pull it off in a huge way. But the haters at Coachella can be so vicious and I don't want them to have to deal with that shit. And what if the hipster crowd just stands and stares blankly during the whole concert? Yeah, I can just envision them doing that right now. It would ruin everything. That kind of crowd isn't meant for Killers concerts. It's just not right when people aren't singing every word and jumping along.

My teensy little hope is that, if the Killers do headline one night, they end up blowing everyone away and squash all the nay-sayers. However, I have enough experience with this band to know that is not likely to happen... indie snobs won't even give them the chance to impress them- most will just write them off before they even arrive at Indio. Just because they're played on KROQ. Or something stupid like that. Oh indie snobs, why must you be so pathetic.

Anyway. How do these videos on their own not make this band worthy of a headlining spot in Coachella? Someone Explain to me, please. From T in the Park 2007 (in Scotland, where crowds know how to go properly insane for a band, damnit)

All These Things That I've Done:

Enterlude & When You Were Young:

I rest my case.

So, if the Killers want to stay safe, they should avoid the headlining spot. Maybe be sub-headliners instead and later possibly-maybe be singled out for stealing the show (again, doubtful, but for some reason more likely as sub's). But if they want to take a risk- which they have done far too many times than is healthy already- they should dive in and headline. Why not. Prove those assholes wrong. And even if they don't change any snobs' opinions and the audience is completely unresponsive and leads to a flat set... even then, at least they didn't cower at the possibility of being ridiculed. As long as they try their best they will be, in my opinion, phenomenal. All the snobs whining that there better be a good band in the Sahara tent during the Killers set will eat their hearts out for missing them.

Now, let's wait and see what Coachella and the Killers have up their sleeves... expect a lineup announcement sometime in the next few weeks!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

There is Passion in the Pit

I'm trying to come up with creative titles. It's not really working.

So... Passion Pit. They're a band from Cambridge- no, not the UK, but Massachusetts.

I don't usually bother to know "up-and-coming" bands until they are established as mainstays, because I just don't have the patience or the iPod space for all those little bands vying for my attention. I know it's cool to name a bunch of unknown bands as your favorites, but I've accepted that I'm just not ever going to be that cool a long time ago. It would take too much effort.

So the reason I know about these guys is that they performed at my college during freshman orientation, right when I was freaking out and wondering where the hell I was. By the way, that feeling hasn't changed too much thus far. But I'll leave that for another post. They opened for Broken Social Scene (yeah, my school is cool like that) and I remember that- standing between my new friend who had never been to a concert before and a mustached hipster wearing a Dora the Explorer backpack, selling weed- I remember that I was quite impressed.

Especially by this song:

I've Got Your Number (last.fm link)

I like the opening beepy beat. And I especially love the yelpy "Have you seen me cryyy?" That part is awesome, I don't know why. My ears just like it. So I've been listening to that song over and over again right now.

Back to why I'm discussing the band- I read in my school's unoffical blog, Mads, that the band is signed onto a current junior's record label? wtff? Apparently she's also the head of the music section of our student association- so she brought MSTRKRFT, BSS, and last year M.I.A, Girl Talk, almost MGMT (they cancelled), Vampire Weekend, next semester Beirut... uhhh so yeah she has the skillz down pretty much. But seriously, a record label? Damn I need to get my act together.

It's called Neon Gold. Nice name. The strange thing is that Passion Pit's label is listed everywhere as Frenchkiss. But Neon Gold is on their bestest friends list on their Myspace. So I guess they're under both? Who knows?

The band is getting lots and lots of buzz in the elite music blogs- Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, etc. Not bad, not bad.

Here's their new video for Sleepyhead (also a great song):

It's quite different from "I've Got Your Number." These guys are versatile.

Go to Passion Pit's last.fm to hear the rest of their tracks. I recommend "Better Things" as well. So keep your eyes on these guys, I have a good feeling about them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is an awesome livejournal I just found. It collects many wtf-worthy things from Japan and, needless to say, it is very entertaining. Enjoy:


Here is a bizarre example for you... a video that apparently teaches Japanese housewives how to speak English and exercise in one efficient package:

Unbelievable Japanese English Lesson - video powered by Metacafe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Youtube Idiots are Fun

The commenters on this video (The Killers' Human) are so fucking hilarious. I'm seriously cracking up reading them and I'm probably freaking my roommate out. See for yourself:


Oh WOW people are retarded. By the way, the lyrics to Human by the lyrics are DANCER. Not "denser" not "dancers" not "cancer" not "sweater" it's fucking dancer- "Are we human or are we dancer?" PERIOD. So accept it and get over the fact that you are too DENSE to accept that some things are not as immediate and obvious as "the sky is blue." Even though one can say that even that is arguable. See? So STFU. But actually don't because I am oh so highly entertained.

Comment winners:

Some of you are just so quick to judge, you don't even try to understand. Have you ever thought, may-be they're not saying "dancer", may-be they're saying "denser". Have you pondered that may-be if they were to say "dancer", that if it were gramitically correct it woud be "dancerS".

OR, 'may-be' it IS DANCER?!?!?

Yes they write about such things, but that's only half of the equation. That's like saying 300 kids in my school wear glasses, you might say "That's alot", but you're forgetting out of what? What if I were to say 300/1000 than that's not such a big number. White rappers do to. It's just that they're not as famous. You're forgetting about those rappers. How many white rappers can you name off the top of your head, honestly? In general it's usually just Eminem.

What are you talking about and what the HELL does it have to do with the Killers?



it has to do with stfu about it

Thank you I love you.

Great song, just a question, What where they smoking when they came up wiv these lyrics?

Good question.

this has to be by several streets the best song of the year

hahaha several streets.

it is the copy-mixture of the ¨Make a Move¨ of INCUBUS & ¨Minerva¨ of Deftones.
And the song is a ¨churro¨

uh, no?

Ever notice that a recurring theme in those who think it MUST be denser is that they're wobbly on if not completely incapable of spelling correctly?


It is neither dancer nor denser, but CANCER!
Because thats what humans are... they are cancer...

lol true dat.

the cd lyrics say denser

(keep in mind, Killers CD's don't come with the lyrics)
Responses to that ^:
well you got a dodgy CD... it is D A N C E R

HAHAH. AM I the only one laughing from that answer? Yes? OK. Another response:
Brandon Flowers said its DANCER and I think he knows alot better then you


Okay I'm done!

And yes, this has been another Killers post. BUT I AM ALLOWED. The album came out two weeks ago, give me a break! I promise it will subside but this is the time when I go on my Victim craze. Just look away and let me be. It's my blog! HAHA. I need help.

And yes, I am reading comments on Youtube videos instead of studying for finals. And yes I am an idiot. Yes.

By the way this is the kind of madness that the Killers incite in people. After watching this, you will understand my malady:


This is what the videographer wrote to describe his video:

as watching the Killers perform.. amidst the rocking crowd were two very much in love asians! who thought they were so cool singing to each other the lyrics of every killers track, not to mention, their unfavorable public display of affection. it was a good song played in the background but thanks to them, it was destroyed. so who ever you may be... thanks for killing the killers concert.

HAHA. Okay back to studying now.... blehhhh.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fleet Foxes, from the Basement

This is beautiful:

Fleet Foxes performing "Blue Ridge Mountain," "from the Basement".

It sounds even better than the recorded version... I might just have to see them live.

Although I don't know how I would fare standing next to all those nature hipsters in the crowd. They would probably throw up if they knew I was seeing the Killers at MSG soon.

YES, THAT'S RIGHT. The Killers at fucking MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. January 25th. It will be pure bliss. Oh my oh my. And I have floor tickets, don't ask me how I'm just the luckiest person in the world and braved the cold and lack of internet connection on this campus to get them from the fan club the moment they went on sale. Yeah, so you know I'm going to be standing out there in the snow from the early morning making sure to get front row at this concert!

I love how I can turn any topic to the Killers. Even Fleet Foxes.