Monday, May 25, 2009

Childhood is "In," Didn't You Know?

I was looking through the Cobrasnake Coachella 2009 pictures, because I still do check that site out sometimes, plus I wanted to see some sweet Bflow goodness... and I stumbled across this:

No this is not just random photo of young aspiring hipsters. The girl on the left is wearing my childhood sheets. It bugged me out for a second to see someone wearing my beloved Minnie Mouse bedsheets, until I realized oh durr she cut them up and sewed them into a dress. Now I know I usually like to poke fun at or, rather, bash endlessly (possibly jealously?) everything that has to do with hipsters, but even I have to admit that I was impressed by this creativity. So all I have to say is, you go girl. That is fucking awesome right there. And where can I get a sewing machine and lessons to make me an exact carbon copy of that dress? Fuck originality, I want that fucking dress and I still have the sheets stowed away in the back of some closet at home.

Speaking of the Cobrasnake, He posted this music video he filmed on his website:

Again, I know I'm being too easy on the guy (is my college turning me into a hipster enabler?? oh shiiiit. Too many hipsters, too little resolve). Nah, but I really thought it was sweet. I know there must be some kind of illegal activity going on with a 25-or-whatever-the-fuck-Mark-Hunter's-age-is-year-old-dude (with a creepo mustache no less) filming a scantily clad, seemingly under age "nymphet" (ew I feel creepy and Humbert Humbert-y using that word. i hope I don't get hits from child molesters now. But then again a hit is a hit and I'm in dire need for more traffic ever since I've abandoned my poor blog.... kidding! I will not stoop that low, promiseeee. uhum). that was a long parenthetical aside. Where was I. Oh yes, well the video is actually nice with the beach and the sun. Maybe if it wasn't so damn creepy, it would be even better. But honestly I've never hated Mark Hunter as much as others seem to, so I tend to keep my mind open when it comes to him. The trendy techno-y song is not so bad either. Apparently it's called "I'll get You" Classixx feat. Jeppe/ Kitsuné.

This is what it says by the video:

Exclusive video directed by Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter
When the most famous photoblog in the world meets the nicest music label on Earth, you get a wonderful association presenting the finest of the new American scene.

Please, welcome Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake !

Out on digital Worldwide 06-01-2009!

Aah it feels good to be back and blogging. I'll try to keep up now that summer has begun. I'm in NYC for the next to weeks (be jellis, it's ok) so I should have some things to report back on. Laters.

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An (ex) alien in new york said...

Awesome sheets y'have there!