Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mad Men's Real-Life Clones

Well, this is interesting. While doing research through the Google LIFE archives for my last post, I came across some crazy Mad Men similarities.

Don Draper, et tu?

Well, no. According to LIFE archives it's the "Madison Ave Look." I don't even know if this guy is legit or a model showing the fashion, but I have a feeling it's the latter. Especially considering how many damn pictures there are. But even then, Madison Ave. is where the ad agencies in NYC were and the reason these guys were called Mad Men in the first place.

See the resemblance for yourself:

Then, even more creepy- Sally's teacher, Miss Farrell.

Remember she wore a Bowdoin College shirt in one episode while running, when Don picked her up? Well these girls are at a dance at Bowdoin in 1939. I know in Mad Men it's 1963 but let's just ignore that...
The one all the way on the right immediately caught my eye. The similarity is uncanny. The nose, jawline, chin, mouth, even eyebrows and hair:

Mad Men is so historically accurate, it actually replicates history.

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