Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Own Elle Fanning's Movie Dress, So I Guess I'm Special

So you know that movie Somewhere... the one that was directed by Sofia Coppola, and has a really great trailer. And when you watch the trailer you're all, omg this is about Hollywood stars *behind the scenes,* and Sofia made it so it has to be good, right? And, wow this song in the trailer is awesome, and turns out it's a Strokes demo. And then you see "music by Phoenix" and you're like, I love Phoenix, this movie must be fucking amazing.

...But then you watch the actual movie, and you're all WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT. Why were there only two Phoenix songs, why was Stephen Dorff sitting in a chair with a papier mache mask with the camera stagnant on his face for five minutes, and why did it look like that guy from Jackass was going to hook up with Elle Fanning??

Well anyway besides all of that, the clothes were really nice. Best of all- and this is something I knew since the trailer came out- I OWN ONE OF THE DRESSES that Elle Fanning wears in the film.

Here is the dress on her:

Here is the dress on me (yeah not as nice, but still this is the best fitting dress I have ever tried on)

It is amazing, so I allow you to be jealous. I got it about two years ago at Urban Oufitters. It was in the sales rack for some crazy reason. I snagged that thing after I noticed how amazingly it contoured my ~pear body shape.

I just checked now and the brand is ecoté. unfortunately for all you dress hunters, I literally can't find it anywhere online. My greatest skill in the world is online search, and yet I can't find it anywhere. wtf indeed. I tried every combination "ecote," "elle fanning," "dress," "urban outfitters," "purple," "stripes," "sophia coppola," and I looked through all of those hipstery outfits from lookbook on image search, but got nothing. In fact the only other time I saw this dress was at my college last year on the same day I was wearing mine. It looked better on me, though, duh.

So hopefully you have more luck finding the dress, because I really suggest getting your hands on this thing. It fits like a glove. A body glove.

Watch it here in full glory in the Somewhere trailer.


Detta said...

this description of Sofia Coppola's movie(s) is painfully accurate.she should stick to commercials and films under 5 minutes...she's great at that.

Anonymous said...

if i would describe the body of the girl in the photo it would be 8oz coke and the dress? it is so lovely. tall girls do really have good chances of wearing that kind of dress.

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