Saturday, December 8, 2007

Valley Girl

It is damn cold outside. Like, a biting kind of cold. In Los Angeles! I mean it is December, but this is Los Angeles. If I want to go to college in the East Coast, I better get used to this. You see I like the idea of cold, but then when I actually experience it, it's not so nice.

So I decided to finally start a blog.

My brother has been pushing me to do it for a long time now. I was a little afraid because anyone can see it... but ah, what the heck. I need a way to express my opinions without annoying everyone around me. Now I will annoy random internet people instead. Or no one, depending on how popular this blog gets. I predict: not very much. It's good to have low expectations.

So some things the most likely non existent reader should now about me and my plans for this blog:

-I am a teenager in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Yes, The Valley. I swear the stereotypes aren't true, we don't say "like" all the time. But we do enjoy the mall, possibly a little too much...

-I plan to discuss anything and everything in this blog. That includes music (good and bad), indie snobs (boo), hipsters (ha), fashion (high-end and not), celebrities, TV, movies, Youtube videos, politics (not as boring as you might think), food, annoying people, funny pictures, interesting events, school, the hell that is the college applications process, etc etc etc. I have many different interests. Bear with me.

-You may have realized that I am a senior applying to colleges. This is true, and today I actually took my last standardized test ever. As in college standardized test. No more SAT's- YES. I might have felt better if I thought I did well but, frankly, I don't feel that way. Please God I need a miracle...

-um by the way I'm not religious but I am Jewish (that makes sense, right?). I lived in Israel for 4 years (1st - 4th grade) and I visit almost every year. I am quite worldly you see...

This is not going to help my internet addiction in any way. Oh well- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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