Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa's Got a Gun

So, this is probably a good time to announce... I am an avid fan of the Killers. Like, to an obsessive degree. Okay, not OBSESSIVE, you see I pride myself too much to resort to desperate fangirly ways. But I am definitely more interested in the band members than is healthy. Definitely. And I will be totally upfront- if you just rolled your eyes when you read that I like the Killers then you can leave right now, because this right hurr is no place for indie snobs. I have grown to love this band since the first time I heard Somebody Told Me in the summer before 9th grade in Israel (I'm a senior now). Back then I listened to horrible top 40 music that I don't even want to talk about, but the Killers steered me clear from that direction and introduced me to the world of good music. And I will be forever grateful. But I won't get all sappy now, there's plenty of time for that later!

The point of this post- I swear there is one- is that The Killers have recently released their second Christmas single, with one of the most awesome names possible- "Don't Shoot Me Santa." The snobs over at Stereogum cried over the fact that a comma is missing from the title but I won't even lower myself to that pitiful level. No no, not me. So here you go, a fucking hilarious video from the Killers:

Notable moments:

-"A bullet in your what?!"
-Cute little dance at 3:10
-Bflow's crazy eye movement at the "whoo!" part at 3:14

And the live version, from KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas:

Aaahahaa nice dance.

If you like, go over to iTunes and buy the song and video because all proceeds go to the RED campaign. That's right, ALL proceeds- 100%- even the portion that Apple usually keeps for itself. Now go and do some good!

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