Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jay-Z Shows Glastonbury What's What

I was rooting for him to do well. I mean, I get the whole problem with having a rapper- an American rapper no less- headlining this legendary, historically rock-oriented British festival. But the uproar just got kind of out of hand. It started making me uncomfortable- it's like big whoop, let him headline! It started looking a bit racist, although I'm sure that's not where people were trying to go. Well anyway, he did a great job. The crowd frickin' loved him. I love the site of everyone in the audience waving their hands back and forth together and singing along to "It's a Hard Knocked Life." Later in this video Jay-Z says in a sad voice, "so they say you guys don't want me to be here tonight." And everyone booooos. "Said you guys are not into hip-hop" Crowd: "Boooooo!!" (in a good way).

Good job.

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