Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Soccer Dad, to America's Rescue

Another cute Obama video for public enjoyment. Here he is watching his daughters' soccer match with his wife:


-Obama's tucked in shirt- all the better to accentuate the ass. Oh, no she di'int! Yes, yes I did. And all those crazy Wonkette commenters said it before me.

-Michelle playfully "slapping" at Barack at the end of the video. Awwww! They are so adorable I just want to jump in and join them. That would be really awkward though, wouldn't it? But anyway, do you think this was staged? I choose to think not. And whatever I choose to think is always true, obvs.

-LOL at the AP photographer people's reactions to the Obamas' playfulness. (That is the voices we hear, right? The photographers'?). If I am not mistaken, and it is very likely that I am, when Obama first nudges/pushes Michelle, some guy says, "OH OH! That's a good shot!" And then when Michelle soon hits him some woman gasps and says "OOH OOH OOH!" It's called a paparazzorgasm.

Unrelated... I want to invent a new snack, which would be a combination of two great things:

-Bamba (an Israeli snack I have eaten all my life. It is sold in my local supermarket here in LA too. It is one of the most amazing snacks in the universe. If you love peanut butter. Which you should, duh).

-Obama. Self-explanatory.


Get it?! Because they sound the same?!

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