Thursday, January 8, 2009

New SKINS Coming Soon!

... But to the UK, not America. Not to worry, those Brits will put the videos up online in no time. At least they better because I love this show to death. I was afraid about the new cast, but now I think it will be a breath of fresh air. There is only so much crazy shit you can do with one cast before you start running out, you know.

Some characters:

Naomi Campbell. "A beautiful idealist"

Effie. Soon her "home life falls apart."

Karen Mclair. "A firecracker with big dreams of becoming famous." New Cassie, yes/yes?

The new series (Third season, new kids, except for Effie who was Tony's sister) premieres January 22nd.

Here's the full trailer:

Skins The New Series - extended trailer

I can't wait!

source: ONTD

And some interviews with the cast.

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bohobum said...

have you already watched it all online OR have you just started to watch on BBC america? I hate myself for how stoked I am for the rest of the season after just one episode-freddie and emily are adorable