Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tom Cruise has an OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

I was moderating my lj community, because I'm a fancy mod of a fancy two-member comm, and an advertisement caught my eye on the right side of the screen. It is very minimalist:

Of course it is. Tom Cruise always stays classy.

Of course I proceeded to click on the advertisement. I mean I NEVER click them, on principle, but exceptions must be made at times like these.

Now, the OFFICIAL TOM CRUISE WEBSITE. All I have to say is... what in the name of Tom Cruise's pyjamas is this fuckery? I know he is insane, but goddamn.

Here, a screen-capped tour:

When you first enter the site, you are confronted by a 10-hour montage of ***grand Tom Cruise moments in cinema***, including this scene from the lauded masterpiece Vanilla Sky:

The accompanying dramatic music is a very nice touch.

Next, an amazing "Message from Tom" that nearly made me weep, especially because there was a dream-like ADDITIONAL montage playing in the background and it's hard to read with that kind of distraction!!:

In his message, Tom graciously reveals that he has created this website to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Risky Business, his "first starring role in a film." Got that? STARRING. He continues to say:

I created this site as a thank you, to you, for sharing the journey with me and to invite you to continue to explore what the future will bring.

Wow. More highlights.... all of Tom's STARRING role films:

A fancy photo gallery:

The "What's New" section advertises Valkyrie (and a link to buy tickets of course) and his appearance on Oprah. Also, a badass picture of Tom showing off his muscles (YOU CAN'T FOOL ME TOM I KNOW UR PUSHING THEM UP W/ YOUR HANDS):

Keep it classy, Tom. Keep it classy.

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