Friday, July 31, 2009

Paris, Not France: A Review (of Sorts)

Yeah, I watched it.

The documentary about Paris Hilton filmed in 2006 called Paris, Not France, which aired on MTV recently:

And yeah, while watching it, I fell for the evil bigwigs' plan and saw Paris as a human. And I thought, "she's not all that bad." So I felt for the girl.

So shoot me!

I'm not saying I would want to be her best friend, but I understand her and get that she is a human now. Which is good. It probably helped that I have warmed up to her now that she has lost a lot of attention (fickle audience and all), and she was really funny and sweet this one random time I was watching Life on the D-List with Kathy Griffin and she guested. Plus I used to love The Simple Life when it first started. And I've always respected her a bit more for not getting a boob or nose job, as a fellow weird-nosed tiny-boobed female. Finally, I've been watching lots of band documentaries for no particular reason as of late (Radiohead's Meeting People Is Easy, Metallica's Some Kind of Monster...) so watching this continued the trend of seeing the not-so-great side of success and fame.

Weirdest part was probably seeing how she changes her voice from "public" cutesy coo to "real" deep man-voice. WTF girl.

I'm not even going to try to explain myself further because there is no way to justify this apparent lack of good judgment on my part. Plus, I can't remember more specific reasons for appreciating the documentary and her in it, even though I just finished watching it a few hours ago. I have Alzheimer's.

I excitedly went on my computer after to finally read what Rich from fourfour wrote about it, because I was sure he would have a similar opinion to mine (why do I only enjoy opinions that are he same as mine? Eesh). But to my chagrin, his review was waaay negative and harsh. He just sounds ultra bitter and 'tis quite unbecoming of that lovely man.

Some of the things that bothered him (these are direct quotes):

1. She complains about the press running her through the mud, but admits that she's addicted to reading it.
2. She talks about the importance of being humble, but then refers to a gaggle of squealing Japanese admirers as "worshiping" her.

1. Yeah, because that's real life, Rich. I also complain that eating junk food makes me gain weight but damn if I don't enjoy the hell out of it while I'm eating. Life is full of contradictions. Especially when you're a celebrity "living the dream" yet having to deal with some overwhelming and not-so-great side-effects.

2. The thing about Japanese admirers "worshiping" her- I did notice when she said it, but it didn't annoy me because she said it so matter-of-factly. She wasn't saying it in a cocky above-everyone way, she said it more like she felt detached. It's like when my friend from Beverly Hills gave me a tour of her house but seriously acted like the whole place was blah- no affectation, it just really meant nothing to her. It was kind of like that when Paris said it.

And, I mean, damn, those Japanese fans were worshiping her! They were fucking crying and screaming and looking at her as if she was the second coming of Jesus. So, yeah, she wasn't exaggerating. It's not cool of Rich to put that down because those words look much worse in type than in video, and he should know better than to take things out of their context like that.

But, oh well. Haters gonna hate. And I'm a big hater too so I shouldn't be talking. I think my thing is that I go *against the grain* because I'm a *rebel* like that, so I hate on people that the masses like too much without good reason and I (like on?) people that the masses hate too much without good reason. I'm just trying to balance the world out, yo! Oooookay I'm pathetic I'll go sit down now.


bohobum said...

yea, my sister picked up on the way her voice changes a long time ago-very annoying.
but I never hated her as much as everyone else seems too. the fact that she's friends with "dirt nasty" & I really liked the first season of the simple life kept me from hating her. plus

Dani said...

haha that was great. I mean I'm sure Paris is really fucked up in the head but I still don't hate her. All celebrities are messed up like that... some more than others. the Simple Life was the shiz. Nicole Richie made it what it was though.