Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, Cory Kennedy.

I just watched a random video of her on Nylon's Youtube channel and decided to look for some old pictures of her again. I think it was 2005 when I first saw her pop up in the Cobrasnake with her friend. They were "interns." Ha, suuure. I used to stalk that website and was fascinated by the hipsters... you know, before they started infesting every corner of L.A. Oh innocent, naive youth!

Anyway, she always fascinated me. She was (is) pretty much the same age as me. But she looked a lot older, and dressed a lot, well, if not necessarily older what with the messy hair and the messy everything, at least a lot more originally and stylishly. I just remember looking at pictures of her hanging out at exclusive 21+ Downtown LA parties, or frolicking with a 22-year-old hipster dude (Mark the Cobrasnake) around the Santa Monica beach. And I just thought, wow. I can never be that cool. I'm still not that cool. And I still, despite Nylon magazine and every other hipster-hungry media/brands' greatest efforts to overexpose her... I still think she's special.

Okay, maybe I liked her a lot more back then. The disheveled, young rebel look was intriguing to me- I had never seen anything like it before. She was only sixteen and she looked better than all the poseurs well into their 20's and 30's on Cobrasnake...

But then, you know. She got a little older. More famous and sought-after. For some reason the clothes just don't work as well as they used to.

She started pissing me off by hanging out with my luva, Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT. And, just, generally giving off a bit of a lame-o groupie vibe.


But I'm sure she's still pretty cool. We'll see what happens with her. She's starting to "sell out," if you even believe in the term, by promoting random products:

Her deep voice is always so unexpected. But anyways, at least she's a little real- not like people who are all like, "ohmigod! This prodcut is sooo great!" She knows she's shilling for this random thing and at least she tried to be genuine. I like the part about how the foam looks like whipped cream. That's something I would like, too. So she's still got it going on, somewhat. But we'll see.

She should stop blogging though. Not that I'm Shakespeare or anything, but, damn. It feels like she's just name-dropping (or photo-dropping?) random celebs left and right. Like, "look how cool my life is." We know, Cory! Now show us some actual opinions, por favor. Thanks.

P.S. This girl, whatever her name is, is trying to be the new Cory Kennedy. Here's another picture of her. And here. It's not gonna work, biatch.

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