Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kanye & M.I.A

Kanye West's blog amuses me to no end...

Here is something he posted recently:

pic taken from sidebar my jacket look crazy short lol!!!!

I don't even know why but the highlighted part made me crack up. I can't believe Kanye writes "lol!!!"

Oh, and update about the crap day I had today- the make-up AP Calc test was horrible (but at least I showed up at the right time) and then I lost an event for my relay team at swim city finals. I dove off of the diving block too soon, apparently- before my teammate touched the wall. I had no idea. Ugh, this type of shit happens to me too much. I'm starting to think "I had no idea" is not an excuse. But anyways... we would have gotten fourth place in the city, but with my stupidity we got disqualified and get nothing- no metals, nothing. Nice end to my swimming career, right? When will this hell end... I'm like a magnet for chaos.

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