Thursday, December 25, 2008

There is Passion in the Pit

I'm trying to come up with creative titles. It's not really working.

So... Passion Pit. They're a band from Cambridge- no, not the UK, but Massachusetts.

I don't usually bother to know "up-and-coming" bands until they are established as mainstays, because I just don't have the patience or the iPod space for all those little bands vying for my attention. I know it's cool to name a bunch of unknown bands as your favorites, but I've accepted that I'm just not ever going to be that cool a long time ago. It would take too much effort.

So the reason I know about these guys is that they performed at my college during freshman orientation, right when I was freaking out and wondering where the hell I was. By the way, that feeling hasn't changed too much thus far. But I'll leave that for another post. They opened for Broken Social Scene (yeah, my school is cool like that) and I remember that- standing between my new friend who had never been to a concert before and a mustached hipster wearing a Dora the Explorer backpack, selling weed- I remember that I was quite impressed.

Especially by this song:

I've Got Your Number ( link)

I like the opening beepy beat. And I especially love the yelpy "Have you seen me cryyy?" That part is awesome, I don't know why. My ears just like it. So I've been listening to that song over and over again right now.

Back to why I'm discussing the band- I read in my school's unoffical blog, Mads, that the band is signed onto a current junior's record label? wtff? Apparently she's also the head of the music section of our student association- so she brought MSTRKRFT, BSS, and last year M.I.A, Girl Talk, almost MGMT (they cancelled), Vampire Weekend, next semester Beirut... uhhh so yeah she has the skillz down pretty much. But seriously, a record label? Damn I need to get my act together.

It's called Neon Gold. Nice name. The strange thing is that Passion Pit's label is listed everywhere as Frenchkiss. But Neon Gold is on their bestest friends list on their Myspace. So I guess they're under both? Who knows?

The band is getting lots and lots of buzz in the elite music blogs- Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, etc. Not bad, not bad.

Here's their new video for Sleepyhead (also a great song):

It's quite different from "I've Got Your Number." These guys are versatile.

Go to Passion Pit's to hear the rest of their tracks. I recommend "Better Things" as well. So keep your eyes on these guys, I have a good feeling about them.

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