Monday, December 15, 2008

Youtube Idiots are Fun

The commenters on this video (The Killers' Human) are so fucking hilarious. I'm seriously cracking up reading them and I'm probably freaking my roommate out. See for yourself:

Oh WOW people are retarded. By the way, the lyrics to Human by the lyrics are DANCER. Not "denser" not "dancers" not "cancer" not "sweater" it's fucking dancer- "Are we human or are we dancer?" PERIOD. So accept it and get over the fact that you are too DENSE to accept that some things are not as immediate and obvious as "the sky is blue." Even though one can say that even that is arguable. See? So STFU. But actually don't because I am oh so highly entertained.

Comment winners:

Some of you are just so quick to judge, you don't even try to understand. Have you ever thought, may-be they're not saying "dancer", may-be they're saying "denser". Have you pondered that may-be if they were to say "dancer", that if it were gramitically correct it woud be "dancerS".

OR, 'may-be' it IS DANCER?!?!?

Yes they write about such things, but that's only half of the equation. That's like saying 300 kids in my school wear glasses, you might say "That's alot", but you're forgetting out of what? What if I were to say 300/1000 than that's not such a big number. White rappers do to. It's just that they're not as famous. You're forgetting about those rappers. How many white rappers can you name off the top of your head, honestly? In general it's usually just Eminem.

What are you talking about and what the HELL does it have to do with the Killers?



it has to do with stfu about it

Thank you I love you.

Great song, just a question, What where they smoking when they came up wiv these lyrics?

Good question.

this has to be by several streets the best song of the year

hahaha several streets.

it is the copy-mixture of the ¨Make a Move¨ of INCUBUS & ¨Minerva¨ of Deftones.
And the song is a ¨churro¨

uh, no?

Ever notice that a recurring theme in those who think it MUST be denser is that they're wobbly on if not completely incapable of spelling correctly?


It is neither dancer nor denser, but CANCER!
Because thats what humans are... they are cancer...

lol true dat.

the cd lyrics say denser

(keep in mind, Killers CD's don't come with the lyrics)
Responses to that ^:
well you got a dodgy CD... it is D A N C E R

HAHAH. AM I the only one laughing from that answer? Yes? OK. Another response:
Brandon Flowers said its DANCER and I think he knows alot better then you


Okay I'm done!

And yes, this has been another Killers post. BUT I AM ALLOWED. The album came out two weeks ago, give me a break! I promise it will subside but this is the time when I go on my Victim craze. Just look away and let me be. It's my blog! HAHA. I need help.

And yes, I am reading comments on Youtube videos instead of studying for finals. And yes I am an idiot. Yes.

By the way this is the kind of madness that the Killers incite in people. After watching this, you will understand my malady:

This is what the videographer wrote to describe his video:

as watching the Killers perform.. amidst the rocking crowd were two very much in love asians! who thought they were so cool singing to each other the lyrics of every killers track, not to mention, their unfavorable public display of affection. it was a good song played in the background but thanks to them, it was destroyed. so who ever you may be... thanks for killing the killers concert.

HAHA. Okay back to studying now.... blehhhh.

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