Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love You InfoMania

Here is the latest installment (June 19th) of the most consistently awesome show on television right now: InfoMania on Current TV. It's a recap of stuff that happened during the week- online, on TV, in the world, in magazines, etc- kind of like Best Week Ever but about 500% better. And I do like BWE. Just watch:

It always makes me laugh. And the main host, Conor Knighton! Gaah I love him. Does he know how amazing he is? I bet he doesn't. And everyone else on the show is so spot on as well. I hope this show never becomes crappy, although that's a lot to ask for since pretty much all shows deteriorate at some point.

The Viral Video Film School guy is my second favorite and he looks like Jim Halpert in the Office. Which, speaking of- I just watched the whole last season today (yeah, I'm behind)- and what people said was wrong, it didn't become worse! I loved it.

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