Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, This is Just Rich...

Keith Olbermann Backlash Fueled By Declaration Of Katie Couric As "Worst Person In The World"

And HuffPo has this poll up:

Is the backlash against Keith Olbermann warranted?

Fuck yes it is! Ugh, that man pisses me off so bad. And I'm not a Republican, I'm a Democrat all the way (obvs). So no bias here. He's just so uppity and snooty and nasally-voiced and UGH. Go away Olbermann. Do you know who is the "worst person in the world"? YOU.

Oh fine, no you're not. You're not even close. Probably 70% of the reason I hate you is your damn snobby stuffy-nosed voice. And also that you're always like "waah, everyone is evil. Hillary is EVIL because some woman that supports her said some BS about Obama; Hillary had nothing to do with it, but still this is why she's an EVIL satanic bitch." Yeah, um, no. Just, maybe, be a little self-deprecating from time to time and all will be fine. Only criticizing others ain't a good idea. I know, I like Brandon Flowers a.k.a major ego #1, but it's not the same. He says a lot of stuff and he doesn't really mean it. And then sometimes he does mean it, but then it's true. Or funny. Ugh, I don't know, there's no point in explaining. BFlow I do like as a human being, Olbermann no. End of. It's like an intuitive thing.

He went to Cornell University when he was only 16 so that might be part of the problem here.

BUT, ever since I heard that he beat Bill O'Reilly's #1 news network ratings for the first time ever last week (why the fuck do so many people watch that crazy bastard?!)... and even if it's Keith Olbermann, I mean... that's BILL O'REILLY we're talking about. So good for him, in that sense. As long as his voice stays out of my ears, all is good.

Oh, and he will never be on the level of Jon Stewart. Never ever EVER. So give it up, Olbermann groupies!

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