Friday, June 27, 2008

It's the Jeannie Tate Show!

HOTDAMN this show is hilarious. I don't usually like these "online shows," but this is more like a sketch thing. An SNL writer named Liz Cackowski has a fake talk show on Youtube, where she plays a soccer mom that drives around in a minivan and interviews along the way. It might not sound promising but trust me, it's really good. I especially like the, er, dysfunctional relationship between Jeannie and her stepdaughter.

Here is the first one I saw, which has her interviewing Bill Hader from SNL (I love him):

Some other good ones:

Jeannie at a special Oprah taping in Madison Square Garden

Jeannie "helping" her stepdaughter film a video for her class at a Hillary Clinton rally

With guest Rashida Jones of the Office

In Italy. LOL.

The rest here

Source: trusty ol' BuzzFeed.

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