Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alexa Chung Update

I've recorded and watched every "It's On with Alexa Chung" episode so far. It's good, okay!

I just wanted to send props to the talented cutie ptutie Conor Knighton of Infomania, who I already gushed about here 5 million years ago. MTV, do you know how impressed I was with you after I got over the shock of seeing him on the show? Good job! You deserve a pat on he back for that decision.

He was great, especially for his first time. And you could tell Alexa liked him because she gave him a high-five in the end. Hey, MTV, keep your good streak going and bring him on the show again. I would also be pretty awesome if you brought Sarah Haskins, also of Infomania and Current TV fame, who does the revered "Target Women" clips.

Hmm other suggestions for future celeb-gossip-guests (I love how they keep rotating):

-Perez Hilton. That would be hilarious. Seriously, get on that.
-Trent of Pink is the New Blog
-Michael K of the hilariously snarky blog Dlisted
-Kathy Griffin. yeahhh girl.
-Rosie O'Donnell. HA.
-Tom Green. OMG can you imagine.
-Rich from the fourfour blog. Please! Also his famous cat Winston would get major bonus points.
-Tracie, the girl that does the "Pot Psychology" videos with Rich on Jezebel
-the ~famous mods over at ONTD - mattchew03, ecctv, and brenden
-Martha Stewart. or Ina Garten! omg how great would that be if it was both of them.
-John Mayer. He's funny, mmkay.
-Joel McHale of The Soup!
-some of those people from the now cancelled Best Week Ever THE SHOW. Not the blog and that horrible BWE blog woman (ok gosh she's not horrible I know I know BUT SHE IS) Michelle something or other. Not her. I'm talking that guy that was always high... people like that. BTW Michelle or whatever was a mega bitch the second time she was on "It's On." WTF girl, chill and go away.
-Adam Lambert. Yeaaahh.
-Simon Amstell or Alex Zane! bring some British imports por favor.
-Kanye West! Hhahaha.
-Lady Gaga. yes please.

Ok that's enough. MTV show poducers pay attention, I have provided you with solid gold right there.

Also, the more the merrier on the same show. Today three members of some sketch comedy group talked with Alexa about the gossips and it was a lot funner with less awkward silences than usual.

And Alexa, you are marvelous darling. The girl is a natural. Keep doing your thang.


bohobum said...

yes! he was the only person who she really meshed with during that segment.

also, I love your michael k & martha stewart suggestion
and if by "guy who was always high" who mean doug benson than YES! I second that.

Dani said...

I know, wasn't he precious?

YES I do mean doug benson ahahah. I would so love that. girl, we should so be the advisers or something for this show. We would make it AMAZING. And feel free to add any suggestions, you never know maybe someone will take our genius advice.

bohobum said...

ha! I know, MTV has no idea what they're missing out on. Our advice is gold.
I would also love it if Michael Ian Black was on cause he dry humor always amuses.
and since they already had one snl member over they might as well invite the best cast members: kristen wiig & bill hader

Dani said...

damn yesss I agree with all three of those so much. It would also be funny if Bruno came before the film comes out, he would talk so much shit about people. And Michael Cera should come back to talk about celebs. he probably knows nothing about that stuff but it would be so adorable. OH and how could I forget: Russell Brand! And Zach Galifinakis would be really cool. they need to bring some more people out of left field.

Did you watch Thursday's episode? Leighton Meester was so HIGH wtf. And I never thought I could like Cobra Starship but I couldn't stop giggling during that shock game. That game is pure evil, I love it. That was such a burn when she shocked the singer for saying their band is good lmao.

That girl that talked celeb gossip was pretty good too. She knew exactly how to deal with Alexa and was just being herself, although she wasn't all that funny if I remember correctly. but it's kinda hard to be funny on cue like that anyway.

bohobum said...

oh god, Bruno would be PERFECT for the celebrity gossip. did you see him on conan? he should just co-host the show with her for a day. or just come out and dance between segments for no apparent reason.
and your other suggestions are great. I was totally gonna say russell brand. you've read my mind! zach galifinakis? seriously, why are you not booking this show?

I can barely remember leighton-oh! besides the fact that she wouldn't spill the dish on ed or chase-meh. but I do remember the game! it was by far the best part. I hope they keep bringing it back.

um, was that the day with amanda something? with the sweet semi-fro? cause then I def agree. I liked that she wasn't like trying too hard.

ANYWAY! how hilarious was john leguizamo today? I love the fact that he actually slipped a 'fuck' past the censors... to promote Ice Age, naturally.

holy crap! longest comment ever. ha