Monday, February 4, 2008

I Have Made Up My Mind At Last: I Am Voting for Barack Obama

If you have been following my blog posts (which is highly doubtful), this announcement might come as a shock. But it is true. I kept jumping back and forth like one of those "undecideds" I have always made fun of. I love both candidates and my heart would fill with warmth if they ran together... but, ALL things considered, gender and race aside, this is my decision. Let's see if I can hold onto it until tomorrow when I actually vote.

So, you want to know what changed my mind?

Well, first of all I had a debate with my dad yesterday during dinner and I accused him of being biased against Obama. I tried to stand up for Obama but in the end was convinced to vote for Hillary because I didn't really have a solid arguement in support for him. Then I watched Michelle Obama's speech yesterday at UCLA on TV with my family. It was heart-felt and just really real... I never heard her talk before and a lot of the things she said rang very true. This made me soften a bit more towards Obama. I started thinking, "why not shed my cynicism a little? Why not believe that someone can truly change America and make it all-around better without the fakeness?"

I decided that today I would do some serious research and try to figure out which candidate truly fits me. I first went on Drudge Report and saw the news that Hillary had "cried" again in Connecticut. Now the first time this happened in New Hampshire, I was swung back to her because I had great sympathy toward her and was very angry at all of the negative, vicious press directed at her. But this time was a bit much... I understand that the person who presented her cried first and described Hillary in her early days- sure that can make anyone cry. SO I don't want to accuse her of planning this out, but I just think it's a bit odd that again it happened that day before an important election. I mean, couldn't she make sure that she didn't cry? Ugh... I don't know. I tried not to let that affect me too much and went on with my research. I looked up articles endorsing both Hillary and Obama. The New York Times endorsed Hillary and had the standard "more experience, country in dire need of someone who knows what they're doing" argument. Fine.

The I looked up videos on Youtube. I saw the Google interview with Obama, and that was what really swung my opinion. I saw how he really was more real, more inspiring... I just let myself get in the hype, and honestly it was a nice place. The only difference was that I did not let myself degrade Hillary in any way. I still love them both and would have both of them for president in a second. But Obama brought up some great points as well, and his general background made me realize a lot more potential in him. The fact that he lived in another country and has so many global connection in my opinion is very important because I lived in Israel for four years and I know what kind of difference that can make to one's perspective. The fact that he supports negotiating with dictators also appeals to me because that is how I believe (and have enough experience to believe) that you can resolve conflicts. In fact it's the only, very best way to do so. The fact that Hillary opposes this is a bit worrisome, and as Barack said it would suggest that America is too cocky to negotiate. Then there is Barack's deep understanding of how important it is to have good relations with the rest of the world. He understands that the Palestinians don't trust us because they know we don't trust them.

And then the fact that he opposed Iraq from the starts... that was certainly good judgment, and one must remember that that was before the war was unpopular. I remember I opposed the war as well so I can see we have some of the same mindset and I can always trust that.

So, I decided Obama. He'll bring the country together, he'll bring young voters, he'll be a cool president (for once, can you imagine?). And if he doesn't win, that's a-okay because Hillary is awesome as well. But right now, I do want change, I do want a new family at the White House, I do want restored hope in America... and I've decided to let go of my cynicism, just for now, and to lend my support to Obama. Now bring on Super Tuesday!

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