Saturday, February 23, 2008

Juno IS a Good Movie. Duh.

Snobby Juno haters need to shut up. It's like they live for bashing whatever used to be "indie" but then blew up into that horrid thing called the mainstream. Unless they want more Fantastic 4's and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry's, They butter STFU like, now. Juno was everything I could ask for from a movie about teenagers and more. In fact, it was one of the only movies I have ever seen where the teenagers are actually portrayed as very smart and not stereotypical. Plus the movie never went the easy, predictable route. I thought the parents would surely throw a fit over Juno's pregnancy but their reaction was actually refreshingly different. I thought Jennifer Garner's character would stay the neurotic bitch but that took a different route as well. It was just a very admirable and satisfying movie. Yeah, I cringed too when the girl said "honest to blog," but that was at the way beginning and after that I did not cringe once (unless you count the part where the husband acts all creepy with Juno).

So all you Juno haters.... just, find a new hobby or something.

p.s. if you want to see some seriously pitiful Juno bashing, read this post on Stereogum (and the comments too).

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