Friday, February 1, 2008

Obama Won the Debate? That's News To Me...

See, this is what boggles my mind:

Really? Obama won, hand's down, no doubt?


Were these people watching the same debate as me?

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Obama, but the fact is that he crumbles in debates in comparison to Hillary. I mean the constant "uhhh"s breaking into his sentences cut the flow and often ruin what he's trying to say. Hillary barely ever stumbles, which is altogether insane, but I think she definitely showed her power at that debate. So the fact that like, only three out of forty people think Hillary won is insane to me. And ALL the rest for Obama. Not only that, but they raise their hands so proudly and surely.

... It's as if, perhaps, they had their minds set before? Hmm.

I don't understand. This is the type of stuff that confuses the hell out of me. It's like, are they seeing the same thing that I'm seeing? I don't see how Hillary sucked so bad that she would get so little support. I just don't see it. Am I blind? Did I miss some kind of memo?

The whole "trend" thing comes to mind again. Honestly this is only hurting Obama in my eyes. The best way I can describe how it looks to me is like zombies following him with glazed eyes going "O-ba-ma.... O-ba-ma...."

Ack. I don't understand people sometimes. That should have been a 50/50 vote. Any extreme shift from that sort of vote brings suspicions of deep biases in my mind.

And then the comments on the Huffington Post, I mean GODDAMN... they just had a very nice, cordial debate. At the end the possibility of a "dream ticket" of Obama and Hillary was brought up and my heart soared. It was a really nice moment. That would be ideal, to me at least. And apparently to the audience as well as they wouldn't stop clapping.

But then some Obama fans on HuffPo start saying "Hillary never stops lying, Hillary will bring the demise of America, blah blah blah..."


Thank you. And good night.

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