Sunday, February 10, 2008

Looming Obama Backlash? [Part 2]

You know, sometimes I feel like the media secretly reads my blog. Or maybe my opinions are not the most original in the universe. Either one.

Anyway, this article from The Australian is very reminiscent of what I posted a while ago about a possible Obama backlash.

I voted for him in the end, so I sincerely hope this doesn't happen. Although at the time when I was staunchly for Hillary, I did see this coming. I even predicted that it would happen when the tide moves towards Obama and he becomes the front runner, which is what this article says, and which is happening right now (he just won the last four states).

But I made my choices based on his interviews, not his speeches. I seriously think that he should chill with the vague euphoric wording and start cracking down on the details. At least he should do it when the election comes around and if he wins.

The one thing that scares me the most is my vision of watching him in a debate with McCain and him crumbling under McCain's attacks. It's just too possible for comfort.

But I have faith in him. You know, if Obama's "cult-like" charisma is what it takes to bring the country together and move it forward, then so be it.

Good article. Read it here:

"Obama's First Coming"

p.s.- Oh, and Obama? Try to stop the "yes we can" chants, please. It's gotten ultra cheesy and it makes me cringe.

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