Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Off To Minnesota and Ohio

This is going to be one helluva hectic weekend.

Friday- fly to Ohio at 1 pm, stop at Phoenix Arizona. Arrive at Cleveland, ohio at 11 pm (don't freak, it's different time zones. It's still a lot though). Drive to Holiday Inn in some random middle-of-nowhere place 30 minutes away.

Saturday- go to Oberlin in the morning. Eat "continental breakfast" there, then take a tour, then listen to an info session (this is all with other accepted students). Then I'll walk around with my mom and study every inch of the place and stare at every student to insure, you know... stuff. About them. Yeah. I must make sure that they're not too artsy indie snobby, if you know what I mean, because I've been getting that sort of vibe off the class of 2012 facebook group and, I'm sorry but- I'm not going to have any of that. A little indie snobbery is okay, I guess, but I'm not cool with every single person in a school listing the Decembrists, Jose Gonzalez, and Panda Bear as their favorite bands. I mean, seriously, everyone? That's just not fucking cool, or normal for that matter. I'm really only looking out for myself here- I don't want to be burned at the stake for loving the Killers. But I digress... later we'll walk around the quaint little town of Oberlin, Ohio. We're staying there the whole damn day, which was not my plan exactly but that's how my mom got the tickets so what can I do. Then sleep at Holiday Inn again, and then wake up at the middle of the fucking night and drive to the airport again, to get whisked away to St. Paul, Minnesota, probably stopping for no good reason somewhere in the middle because that's what happens when you get the cheapest tickets possible.

Sunday- arrive at St. Paul. Probably get some breakfast somewhere in the city- supposedly it is a very "hip" city- we'll see about that. Oh yeah, it will be cold as fuck. Rain, sleet, the whole deal. It's really hot here- tomorrow it's 90 degrees. Minnesota- 30 degrees. Just 60 degree difference, no biggie! It's not like environmentalists freak out over two degree differences or anything! Anyways, then we'll visit the Macalester campus. Unfortch there will be no tours or anything- I'm hoping that at least the cafeteria is open because food is very important for me and I must try out the foods at each school. (So far in the past: Princeton: eh. Cornell: yummm. Stanford: well, they have Subway so not bad. Vassar: not so much... Berkeley: lol everything was organic and healthy at the snack store, but what do you expect...). ANYWAYS. So I'll walk around and get as much as I can out of a campus on a Sunday with no classes and probably not too many students (outside in the ccooollllddd). Then we'll leave and explore Minneapolis/St. Paul a bit more. Then we'll leave around I think 3-ish pm, to the airport, back to LA (of course, stopping at Phoenix on the way). We'll arrive at 11 pm and somehow I'll have to finish my homework at the middle of the night.

Do you see how this will be hectic now? two states (actually more- PHOENIX) in one weekend.Oy vey. Oh well, I'm actually pretty excited. I think I really like visiting new places like this- especially now that I have read so much about them. I'll be back after the weekend with all the deets. 'Til then, ciao...!

Oberlin pictures

Macalester pictures

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