Thursday, April 24, 2008

R.I.P Pornstache

It's true... Brandon Flowers has shaved his mustache after two whole years of letting it cover that pretty face of his. I must say, I'm s bit ecstatic. How pathetic that this sort of thing can make my day? Damn pathetic... But whatever! I had nothing against the 'stache, it was nice while it lasted... but bring on the changes, I'm up for anything. People are saying this and it's so true: when BFlo first grew the mustache, there was this whole uproar over it with little teeny boppers complaining about it and critics saying he was trying to be taken seriously. But he refused to shave it off, and left it on for two fucking years... then, seemingly right at the moment that people got used to the look and no longer minded, he went and shaved it off. This is why I love him!

Go HERE for a lovely and sentimental ride through the mustachioed Bflo days, courtesy of those crazies over at caps_thekillers.

Here's a hilarious interview with NME (Dave is druuunk) after yesterday's American NME Awards here in Los Angeles, where the Killers won Best Band and Best Track for "Tranquilize" with Lou Reed. This was also where Brandon debuted his new look, which by the way makes him look about 10 years younger. And gives me some serious "Hot Fuss" days déjà vu:

And here they are accepting the awards:

^ Ronnie is so awesome. I love that he makes everyone stand up for his wife. And then he effectively kills time because the producers ask him to.

HAHA I love that Brandon just straight out says "I'm going to be sincere unlike everybody else." To his defense, I watched the live stream and people were truly being douches, just going on stage, slurring a half-hearted "thanks," and leaving. Dude, this was voted for by your fans! But still, gotta love Brandon just undermining every single person at a room in a single sentence. Aaah- with anyone else I would probably scoff, but this guy can never do wrong in my eyes. Especially when he looks all shy and nervous on stage like that!

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