Friday, April 25, 2008

New York Noise

I found this show through BuzzFeed, and it's pretty awesome if I may say so myself. It's not, well, overly pretentious as you might expect from a channel that exclusively covers indie rock.

This is how BuzzFeed describes it:

A NYC cable-access show featuring well-curated music videos picks up where MTV left off. Online episodes are now available. If you live in New York, you’ll find comfort in knowing that your precious tax dollars are going towards educating the masses about important life topics like indie rock bands and rediscovering irony. Anyone still unwilling to throw out those tattered VHS tapes of old episodes of 120 Minutes will surely appreciate this show.

There are only three full episodes up right now, but they have only just started putting them online HERE.

And the official website has a schedule of the shows and featured artists- who include Klaxons, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, etc.

They play music videos, interviews with bands, and so far my favorite feature- commentary by bands on other bands' music videos. It's like a sort-of-not-really resurrection of Beavis and Butthead!

Add this onto the growing list of shows I have to watch online because my vicinity over here does not have cool state shows like this, nor does American cable in general have too many worthwhile shows.

Also, this is so easy to do. Why can't MTV do this? Just make some freaking music shows. Goddamn, MTV. Goddamn.

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