Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Envelopes Have Come In...

Wesleyan: waitlisted (that's five wait lists in all :/)

Yale: rejected (surprise, surprise. I'm actually glad I at least didn't get waitlisted haha)

So, that's all of the colleges. I got into all the UC's but only three out of 9 privates, one of which was a safety. And then all the privates I didn't get into except for Yale were waitlists. So now it's between Berkeley, Macalester, and Oberlin. I'm not really counting on the waitlist schools- I just have a feeling like that's not going to go anywhere. I think I'll try to visit Macalester (Minnesota) and Oberlin (Ohio) because they're in such random places that I don't want to decide on them and then get a total surprise when I arrive. I'm still a little bitter about Vassar, but oh well. Things happen for a reason. And I was stupid not to appreciate the schools I did get into. I have no idea how I'm going to decide in less than a month. I'll keep updating about my progress but right now I'm trying not to even think about college stuff.

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