Monday, April 7, 2008

Stuff ___ People Like

These blogs are so awesome. They are also all written in the same cynical/sarcastic style, as if by the same person, which is impossible unless someone has a lot of time on their hands AND they happen to be an unlikely combination of many different things... but anyway:

The original: Stuff White People Like (inlcudes: coffee)

Stuff Asian People Like (includes: false humility) (possibly the funniest)

Stuff Nobody Likes (includes: anal leakage)

Stuff Queer People Like
(includes: all having the same hair cut)

Stuff Indian (Desi) People Like (includes: staring)

Stuff Jewish People Like (includes: all you can eat buffets)

Stuff College People Like (includes: air fresheners)

I love these so much, especially the self-deprecating humor in the commentary.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us.

Stuff Asian People Like
Writer and Editor