Sunday, April 27, 2008

AP Test Hell

I'm going to be studying for/taking AP tests all of this week, next week, and half of the week after that. I'm taking 4 of them- US Government, Spanish, Physics B, and Calculus BC. I know, fun. I mean, who in the world would rather be hanging out at Coachella right now when you can try to memorize the amendments of the Constitution, right? So yeah, just a heads up, I'm probably not going to update much if at all in the next two weeks. Unless of course some sort of breaking news occurs, like if Brandon Flowers gets a new haircut or something. Hawww, just kidding just kidding. Wish me luck, I don't know if I can get through another excruciating, brain-frying AP exam marathon like last year.... eesh. At least this is the last.

Oh yeah, I've decided on a college. UC Berkeley. It's not so much that I love Berkeley- it's more that I just really didn't click with Oberlin or Macalester. I'm a little confuzzled now because my mind was so set on liberal arts schools, i know I'm veering in a completely different direction- the direction I had established in my head as WRONG up to less than a month ago. So I'm trying to reset my brain, let go of some previous feelings... the dumbest thing is that I didn't apply to a lot of schools specifically because they were big and career-oriented and blah blah... and that's pretty much exactly the kind of school Cal (Berkeley) is. But it is in a city area, it is well-known and whatnot, it has a variety of people so it's safe to say that if some people want to burn me at the stake for liking the Killers, at least it's not everyone. I mean, in the facebook group music section for Berkeley 2012 a lot of people mentioned The Killers, Muse, Arctic Monkeys... yay! Also there was rap, hip hop, and plenty of indie snobbery as well. A good mix, that's what I like. So I'm warming up to the whole thing. But I've pretty much decided for sure. I don't feel like I have but I have, haha.

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