Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ideal Musical Collaboration: BFlow + Kanye

I was just listening to this Chris Martin (Coldplay)/Kanye West collaboration, "Homecoming."... it's, eh. Nothing special. I used to listen nonstop to Coldplay and I still like their older music (I just cooled off a bit when X & Y came out). But I don't think Chris works so well on this song. It's like he needs to change his voice a bit to fit it, because his voice is perfect for Coldplay songs but it feels very out of place in this song.

Anyway, while listening, I thought of how Kanye would probably kill to collaborate with Brandon Flowers (of the Killers, duh). No that's not just me making shit up- he has mentioned in plenty of interviews that the Killers are one of his favorite bands, and for a while last year he would not stop gushing about them.

Now, this is what the BFlow/Kanye relation has been these past couple years as far as I know:

-The first time I read anything involving the two, it was in a Killers interview with I believe Spin magazine around the Hot Fuss era. The whole band was asked to comment on people and events in pop culture at the time and one of the people was Kanye West. Brandon naturally said whatever came to his mind without censorship (that was before he started biting his tongue. Ah- the golden age of bitchery). He said, to quote him:

He makes me ill. I wanted to love him so much when he first came out. He has this sweet voice, and there's a cuteness to it. And then you see him in interviews and he's like a lion. It just ruined the whole package for me.

So no lovey doviness whatsoever thus far...

-Then Kanye discovered the Killers around the time he was making his new album (I'm guessing that's partly why there's so much synth in his songs now) and slobbered all over them in interviews for a while. He said they had "bigger hooks" than TV on the Radio (indie snobs around the world collectively gasped)

-then it was reported by one of those trashy "star sighting" websites like The Sun or something that Kanye and the Killers were seen partying together at a club with their own table and debauchery and the whole deal. Oh really, now?

-Finally, in another interview with the Killers a little bit later, Brandon was asked about Kanye after the interviewer mentioned how Kanye seemed to be a fan and Brandon said something along the lines of "he's great" in a gushy sort of way. Oh really???

So that was the transformation from icy feelings to a whole love fest between Kanye West and the Killers. And, naturally, this must culminate with a collaboration! The idea actually makes me really excited- I'm sure it would turn out excellent. For some reason I just have the feeling that Brandon's voice would work very well with Kanye's. Notice I'm not saying Kanye should appear on a Killers album, but the opposite. Brandon should feature on one of Kanye's songs, like this Chris Martin deal. I think Brandon would be a million times better.

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