Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Bitch, Lesbian, Anti-Christ..."


Holy. Motherfucking. Fuck.

I am sorry but I am so disturbed right now. I feel sick. Why are all the chauvinistic pigs at Youtube and HuffPo and everywhere constantly calling Hillary Clinton a bitch and demeaning her? I mean just watch this video of hecklers yelling "iron my shirt" in the middle of her speech:

Is this where our country stands? We can't even at least be respectful to a female presidential candidate? You have to all pile together like brainless fools and resort to the easiest, lowest level by just dismissing her with that oh-so beautiful word, "bitch"... wow... applause America, I applaud you truly. You should be so fucking proud. I am sick to my stomach and I am now just about sure I'm going to vote for Hillary in the CA primary. She won't win, but I don't give a crap, she needs at least one more supporter right now. This situation is despicable and disgusting. America can't even handle a female president. It's too bad because she would be a wonderful president and deep down everyone knows it. And where the hell is Obama throughout all of this? There has been tons of attention paid to Hillary's "freak out," Hillary's "breakdown" (actually a really sincere talk from her that made me really sad), her losing blah blah blah... but where's Obama? Has he disappeared off the face of the Earth? And don't even get me started on Edwards... what an asshole, he commented on Hillary choked-up moment by saying she is clearly not fit/strong enough to be president. HA! HA! I knew this guy was a desperate, two-faced little sneak the whole time. Bleh. So to say, I wash my hands of this utterly disgusting DIRT.

SO for now at least, I say GO HILLARY, because she's not gonna win but damn it I need to prove a goddamn point.

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Goldie said...

Thank you for this post. I feel the same way. I'm so sick of the way Hillary's been treated and I'm simply amazed at what I consider the atrocious level of sexism that has permeated the response to her candidacy (including self-hatred from women).

Don't count her out yet. I still think she has a chance.