Saturday, January 19, 2008

Primary Poll Results- Screw the Media!!

The results of the First Ever Sponge-tastic Poll:

Question: What is wrong with the presidential campaign process today?

Answer options:

-The presidential hopefuls are so fake. Who the hell are they, really? 1 vote - 11%

-Iowa is this important? IOWA? 0 votes - o%

-Crazies like Huckabee can lead whole states. 2 votes - 22%

-Women and black people?! OH NOES! 1 vote - 11%

-The media. Period. 5 votes - 55%

So there you go- the people have spoken. Specifically, a whopping 9 people. And what did they say? That the media sucks balls. Followed closely by the fact that batshit insane people with names that come dangerously close to "Huckleberry" can win whole states. The fakeness of candidates and the bigotry of the world are disturbing on the same, somewhat minor level. Interesting. Oh, and apparently people don't resent Iowa. Yay for cornfields!

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