Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Current TV = Awesome

I've been watching Current TV a lot lately, and it is pretty much amazing. It gives me hope for television and for the media in general. As in, there are still people out there with hearts. And brains of their own! Sometimes it can get cheesy, a bit too artsy but usually it is just straight up intelligent and compelling content.

From, where else, Wikipedia:

Current TV is an Emmy award winning independent media company led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, and businessman Joel Hyatt.

Current features "pods", or short programs, of which 30% are created by viewers and users. Users (called VC2 Producers) contribute three-to-seven-minute "pods", which are usually documentary in nature. The content is filtered by registered users on Current's website through a voting process.

Google provides hourly updates on popular web searches branded as Google Current.
The Google thing is pretty cool. I mean today I found out that the top-searched term with the word purple in it is "The Color Purple" followed by "Purple Haze" and then "Purple Rain." Where else can you find that sort of life-changing information?!

I also watched segments with guys who were taken hostage by Palestinians in the most heated part of the Lebanon-Israel war, a girl travelling through a city in Africa with almost 20 million people who live in slums, young people in Iran partying "underground" because it's illegal... the list goes on and on.

It made me feel intelligent. Haha. For once in my life my television is actually treating me like a thoughtful person!

So yeah, Al Gore is a genius. Why is he not president again? Can anyone ask that enough times? I really need an answer. It's just not fair.

Here's a video from a recurring segment called Info Mania:

Oh yeah, and the essays worked out in the end. Sent them into Yale, Vassar, and Wesleyan already. Six more to go... Advice from experience, do NOT wait until the last second to submit. Not good!!

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