Monday, January 14, 2008

Cloverfield, Bitches

Well, I've got to pimp my dad... family obligations and all... so watch "Cloverfield", people! I saw it at the cast and crew screening on Saturday. It was fucking insane and blew my expectations away. Scary as HELL though, holy crap. Almost hits too close to home. I probably shouldn't say any more so J.J. Abrams doesn't hunt me down and murder me or something haha. The security on this movie was insane- I mean my dad wouldn't even reveal anything about the movie until I saw it. My own dad! But yeah, the hype was definitely for something. This is no Snakes on a Plane- and it's not quite the Blair Witch Project either. It's just something you've never experienced before in your life. Go see it.

Out Friday 1-18-08

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