Tuesday, January 8, 2008

... I Guess America (or at least New Hampshire) Agreed With Me?

I'm pretty damn happy right now, I've got to say. I thought there was no way Hillary Clinton could win the New Hampshire primary at this point. I guess I wasn't the only American disgusted by the way she was being treated by soulless chauvinists. I'm liking the idea of her winning more and more. So she won, "against all odds," when all the polls said Obama would win by double digits and all the media said she was out of the race, done. Well this was obviously a big FUCK YOU to all the polls and media and all the stupid pundits on TV who think they know everything. I mean the poll results right here on this blog speak for themselves- 57 % of the seven voters (OMGZ people actually come to this website??! haha.) said the biggest problem in the campaign process is "the media. Period." So yeah, that speaks for itself. Screw you, corrupt money-hungry media! Screw you! Well anyhow, this twist makes things a hell of a lot more interesting! Hillary, Obama, fight for it now! Show us who really wants it and deserves it!

It's not that I'm happy that Obama lost, I'm just happy that Hillary won. Good for her! Her speech was awesome, I don't care what anyone says. And I'm very happy she didn't mention "change" again haha. She's a great, inspirational woman and I would be honored to have her as president. Obama would be nice too, to have a cool president, but I just keep wondering why he's running so early... he can certainly spend some more time getting used to politics at the Senate and all, learning the game... why the rush? Eh.

So I'm in a good mood. Not only because I was proved wrong (my one commenter, Goldie, was right when she said it's not over 'til it's over), but also because I can bask in the glory of having those rude anti-Hillary, name-calling bigots weeping themselves to sleep tonight. Ahhhh yes, sweet sweet revenge. :)

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