Friday, January 11, 2008

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#1: “I put a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger”

DJ AM (Nicole Richie's ex-boyfriend) wrote this for Glamour magazine. It describes his experiences of having an abusive father, getting hopelessly addicted to hard drugs, being obese for most of his life- all the while hating himself for all of this, so much so that he got to the point where he tried to commit suicide. Now he has lost weight, hasn't touched a drink/drug in years, and has the clear-mindedness and humility to reveal even the least proud moments of his life for all to see. And it doesn't look like he's doing it for publicity- It seems like he really thinks it's time to let go and maybe help someone else in trouble. I didn't know what to think of him before, at least he never seemed like the cocky celeb type, but now I highly respect him. Fascinating reading:

Read the article HERE.

#2: "Abroad, Fresh Image of U.S."

Many see Obama, Clinton successes as fitting the ideals of US democracy and diversity

Foreigner's views of the American primary race. Apparently they are starting to get into it as well. And the success of a female and black candidate are helping to restore America's image around the world (you know, the same one that has been tarnished by that silly president of ours! arrg.) Includes some unique views from such countries as China, Japan, England, Israel, Kenya, and more. One very interesting point brought up is this:

"[Barack Obama is] what the rest of the world dreams America can be," says JacquesMistral, a transatlantic specialist and director of economic studies at the French Institute for International Relations in Paris. "He looks like a Kennedy type, and that he's black is very new. In Europe, the idea that a woman can win is accepted. But for a black person to win would represent a radical change – for the US, and the world."

I never really thought about it that way... OH DAMN IT this decision is getting harder and harder by the day!

read the rest of the article HERE.

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