Saturday, January 5, 2008

Political Quizzes are Dumb...

...but try one anyway! Here is the USA Today political quiz to see which candidates REALLY fit you (based on the issues- not, contrary to popular belief, on who has nicer hair. Edwards would totally win that though).

Take the QUIZ.

Oh man this is so sad, I got:

1. Mike Gravel (who?)
2. Dennis Kucinich (lol)
3. Chris Dodd (eww freaky eyebrows dude...)

Too bad they're all virtually out of the race, and old and boring too...

I think it's hilarious how Obama and Hillary have exactly the same platform. And they would both make history if they became president. So it really is just a popularity contest... Aww sorry Hillary, I guess Iowa proved that Obama the stud is cooler :(

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