Saturday, March 29, 2008

90's Kid

Oh my God, I need the orange Nickelodeon sweater that Chris Brown is wearing here:

... or at least one without that big black splat in the middle, but basically one like this. The picture is from the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (don't even ask why I'm looking at the pictures... they were on ONTD, ok!) and I just realized I needed a Nickelodeon sweater, and then I searched all over the internet- ebay, Nickelodeon store, etc.- and I've got nothing. It's like it doesn't exist. All I see is Spongebob sweaters, which was also a mighty fine show but, c'mon, all the clothes for that have been overkill and it's time to bury them for a while. Maybe I'll make my own Nick sweater (...ignoring the fact I've never screen printed before) or I'll got to the Nickelodeon store next time I go to Universal Studios. We'll see. But I'm definitely getting me one of those one way or another- I must wear my childhood loud and proud.

What would be even better is if I found an "Aah Real Monsters" sweater

or a "Rugrats" one.

Or even "As Told by Ginger"...

or "Doug"...

or "Hey Arnold!" (not exactly the intro haha)

so many good cartoons back then. Now all they have is, um, Hannah Montana. Although I've never watched that show and I never bother to watch any kids channels these days so I guess I'm not one to talk then...

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