Monday, March 24, 2008

Elyse Sewell is My New Idol

She was on the first season of America's Next Top Model and now she is a really successful model in Asia of all places- mostly Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Why the sudden worship? She is just so feisty and hilarious and impressively articulate... I can only read her comments with envy. I'm seriously dumbfounded as to how anyone can be so clever and all-around awesome. In case you're wondering, I found her livejournal a couple months ago when there was this whole controversy over how Elyse got in a very physical fight with her boyfriend (Marty, the keyboardist for the Shins) where police had to intervene. Anyway there was this whole commotion over it on the internet and her blog was posted everywhere and that's how I found it. But on to the good stuff.

To get to know her, first one must watch this video of the "Ten Top things Elyse Said on Top Model":

And now the real reason I love her- she has a livejournal that she updates nearly every day with pictures of really yummy and exotic looking food in Asia (all I'm wondering is how she can eat that much and stay so scarily skinny). But anyways, here's just one tidbit from her last post, about a new Russian model roommate that replaced her old Russian model roommate (she's currently working in Korea):

Kvetchka has returned to deepest Siberia, leaving behind only the bag of millet that she would make for breakfast, hot, with milk and sugar. She was replaced immediately with Becky. She's from Tashkent, but in reply to my thrilling conversational gambit, "So you are Uzbek?" she shrieked, possibly offended, "No! I am Russian and Tartar!" Hm, OK. I haven't a clue about which races of Mother Russia don't want to be mistaken for which. Incidentally, Kvetchka's final treachery was to break this posted rule, leaving me with a tolet stool full of soil into which I DROPPED MY STICK DEODORANT. This is no small matter; a tube of Secret is a treasure to hoard here on the continent of the rolling-ball kind.

I highly recommend visiting her livejournal, if not to witness her kooky humor first hand then at least to see the pretty pictures of the pretty (and not-so-pretty) foods:

Elyse Sewell's Livejournal

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