Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chaos Over Kate Moss at LAX Airport

Every time I watch these sorts of videos I just gape in horror. So fucking disgusting. How can the paparazzi stick so many camera's in the little girl's face like that? Do they have absolutely no compassion left? And Kate looks understandably stressed as all hell. Bring on the Britney Law man- a.k.a making it illegal for paparazzi to stand anywhere inside a 20 yard radius of the celeb. Maybe not that much, but, I mean- at least 20 feet.

Anyway, here's the video:

What's most pathetic is that the people who video tape and post these probably think that the public watches it to see the star, but really the only reason I ever watch these videos is to see how crazy the paparazzi really is. And it gets worse and worse all the time. I can care less about watching a celebrity walk- pictures are more than enough, thank you very much. So the camera guy might as well point his camera at the paparazzi.

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