Monday, March 24, 2008

College Envelopes Update

I went to the mailbox today after swim, with three huge bags, two text books, and our new swim sweats all hanging off of me- I don't know how I managed but somehow I was able to check the mail with all of that. I shuffled through the envelopes with a little nervous energy and then saw the thin Kenyon envelope. I think my heart dropped a little but just a little- after all, it wasn't exactly my first choice. Of course, I immediately thought, "well, I didn't really want to go there. It was too preppy and too in-the-middle-of-nowhere and too writer-y." See how I prepared myself for rejection? I have negatives for each school in the back of my mind at all times. Always comes in handy! But I still had a smidge of a thought that maybe it was one of those evil thin envelopes that say like- you got accepted and you'll get the big package later or something. That would be very cruel - I actually think I made that up in my head, I highly doubt colleges actually do that haha. But anyway, it wasn't a rejection letter- it was a letter to inform me that I was placed on the frickin' wait list. So, so far I haven't had any rejections, but two wait list notifications. Eh, to me it's like a rejection, but more polite. Is getting wait-listed common? Maybe it is this year. Or maybe schools just think that I fit really well on their waiting lists. Ha. But honestly, so far the two schools that I did not get into were ones that I wasn't too sure about, at all. I didn't think I would go to them but I applied because they were different and would give me more variety. But they definitely weren't schools I was passionate about. So maybe it's true what they say about college admissions- schools accept the students that would fit the school and that they believe their school would fit the student. But ANWYAYS...

So yeah, that brought me down a bit from the high of getting into UCLA. Not necessarily because I wanted to go to Kenyon that bad, but more because now I see that I should brace myself for the coming envelopes. Ay ay ay... We'll see. We'll see.

On the brighter side, UCSB sent me a letter saying I got accepted to the ultra exclusive (those aren't the words they used but, you know, that's what they were implying) honors program. Yay, at least one school wants me! They want me bad, too. Muahaha.

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