Saturday, March 29, 2008

College Update #3

The good news:

I got into UC Berkeley and Oberlin

The bad news:

I got wait listed at Vassar and Skidmore.

The Skidmore wait listing was a major "WTF?" moment because that was one of my safeties, but it makes sense if they assumed I wasn't going to go.

The Vassar wait listing is a major downer for me. I think the moment I opened the envelope I realized just how much I really wanted to go there. I visited, and everything about the school was just so perfect. Now all there is left is Wesleyan and Yale and I'm pretty much sure I'll get rejected from both (I better get rejected somewhere because so far I've only gotten wait listed and it's driving me crazy!)

So while my whole family was ecstatic about Berkeley, I was kind of depressed today from Vassar. I don't think I can get off the wait list either because the letter said they have accepted as many as 50 and as little as zero people from the wait lists in the past years, which does not sound promising at all.

I can't even get myself to appreciate getting into Berkeley, which is absolutely rediculous. I guess because a lot of kids at my school got in. Ugh, I'm pathetic. I think the major reason I'm not too excited about it is that it's like the exact opposite of the ideal school I have been looking for this past year. It's a huge school, huge non-personal classes, California, heat, non-liberal arts, ugly campus... it does have the reputation and name recognition but frankly I don't care much for that. Maybe I should but I've gone past that already. But, like my brother said- it's hard to say no to frickin' Berkeley.

I don't know what to think. I hope I can visit some colleges and then decide. I'll try to write Vassar a letter saying they're my top choice. I'll have to keep my grades up, even though it's second semester senior year, when I'm supposed to relax and not care about anything for once. I guess that's not happening.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog. Why not more interest in Oberlin? It's very, very similar to Vassar and Wesleyan, a really great college. I urge you to consider it carefully.

Dani said...

Oh trust me, I know Oberlin is great and I'm very glad and honored that I got in. I didn't mention it because I was really bummed out about Vassar at the moment and I had already gotten the Oberlin letter a couple days earlier, while I got the Berkeley and Vassar ones right before I wrote. But there is no doubt that I will take Oberlin into very serious consideration as it was one of my top choices.

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