Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Awesome Concert Video # 1 : the Killers (duh) at T in the Park

This will be a recurring post, where I will post some awesome and random performances. This first one is by, who else, the Killers. Because it's pretty much mandatory to have them at the first spot. God knows I've watched more of their concerts than ones by any other bands, put together, and multiplied by 20. I wish I was lying people!

This was at the T in the Park festival in Scotland, towards the end of the Sam's Town concert. The band has said that this was their best performance and audience ever, so far. And it's obvious why. This clip took place at the very end, in their second encore (which clearly the audience did not expect). Usually the band used to leave after All The Things That I've Done, but towards the end of the Sam's Town tour they started returning for another encore with "Exitlude" and a reprise of "When You Were Young"- you know, to leave the people with a bang (WYWY always gets the crowd insanely psyched. More so than Mr. Brightside, if I may say so myself). This is a bit crappy quality because the original was small, but you get the gist:

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