Sunday, March 30, 2008

InfoMania + the Hills = Good Times

Yes, I admit, I watch the Hills. In fact, I have watched it since the very first episode premiered. That's right, before it suddenly became the sort-of-cool-guilty-pleasure of today. And then before that, I watched Laguna Beach. So why do I watch these allegedly dreadful and mind-numbing shows? Because I love them, that's why. I don't know why I am so intrigued by the Hills- I wish I knew. But it goes back to my fascination with reality shows where the people aren't too obvious in that they are scripted. Lauren's facial expressions, I am sorry, are real- or at least they look real. That's all that really matters anyway, right? I love watching people and it's like the best opportunity to do so without looking like a stalker creep. I used to hate Lauren on Laguna Beach but now I love her- don't get me wrong, she can be a total dumb bitch a lot of the time, but still deep down she's a decent human being. And Heidi... holy crap that girl needs some serious help. She is just fun to watch for the entertainment factor. It's like watching a real train wreck right there before my eyes, it's lovely in an evil way. People complain about the awkward silences but I looove them - and I can't really explain why. They were a staple of Laguna Beach as well. Other good things? Lo and Whitney, the universally loved people on the show. Getting to see how uptight and bitchy the fashion business is. At least they don't pretend it's any different. And then the gorgeous cinematography. Now, I know nothing about the technicalities, but the show is pleasant for my eyes so that's all I count on.

Here's the awesome Conor Knighton of InfoMania on Current TV, commenting on the new Hills episode. I love this guy.

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